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Century Ride Training

Advice and discussion to help you train for long distance riding.

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JoelHigh JoelHigh My First Century Ride 1,258 0 2 years ago by JoelHigh
Davesnhere Davesnhere Civil War Century 1,234 0 4 years ago by Davesnhere
Pat Mattson Pat Mattson Double Triple Bypass training 1,691 0 5 years ago by Pat Mattson
kamikahler kamikahler join the Contenders Womens group rides every wednesday 5:30pm at Contender Cycling 900 so. 900 e.  salt lake city, utah 1,749 0 6 years ago by kamikahler
KirkDCO KirkDCO Century training plus triathlon 2,505 1 6 years ago by LukeBream
Jeff3434 Jeff3434 Tour de Palm Springs is it always sunny? 2,594 2 6 years ago by Geologist Scott
motorcop47 motorcop47 Looking to start a cycling group in or near Victoria Grove in Riverside Ca 1,648 0 6 years ago by motorcop47
KirkDCO KirkDCO Century ride training plan 2,984 0 7 years ago by KirkDCO
spamela28 spamela28 NYC 5 Borough Bike Tour..Advice for a rookie?? 2,117 0 7 years ago by spamela28
BikerGirlSJ BikerGirlSJ SF Bay Area (Peninsula): Century Training Program 2,502 0 7 years ago by BikerGirlSJ
Robgil Robgil Riders Needed 1,938 0 7 years ago by Robgil
Linda Borgmeyer Linda Borgmeyer I need help! 4,051 6 8 years ago by Linda Borgmeyer
animegmrgrl animegmrgrl Know of any Century Training routines? 5,439 4 8 years ago by MotiveForcer
Anthony_All3 Anthony_All3 Century Ride Question 5,051 5 8 years ago by ltubound
FinAddict FinAddict Lessons from your first century? 6,826 11 9 years ago by Six13 Slice
jldd66 jldd66 Solvang Century 2,663 2 9 years ago by blaskiewicz
DHulman DHulman Montauk Century 4,603 3 9 years ago by bikerides
BigGirlsTri BigGirlsTri Bike A Century? 4,344 5 10 years ago by porterebert
ase2dais ase2dais Looking for Reston Metric Century Partner 2,168 0 10 years ago by ase2dais
pelliott33 pelliott33 Sierra Century 1,887 0 10 years ago by pelliott33
saradeck saradeck 1st Century 6,072 13 10 years ago by Maximized2k
jeancycle jeancycle century ride 2,575 2 10 years ago by jeancycle