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The Med Tent

Find tips for injury prevention, recovery and support at this haven for the sidelined cyclist. Appropriate for all levels of experience.

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Margaret75992 Margaret75992 Hamstring pain 1,119 1 1 year ago by jeffmitchell00
JoeWhitley0 JoeWhitley0 Bicycle training following shoulder surgery/any training tips? 1,150 1 1 year ago by KennethStockton
mindfulone mindfulone Vocal Chord Overuse Teaching Fitness/Spin Classes 1,227 0 2 years ago by mindfulone
Mego04 Mego04 Training with overuse injuries? 1,137 0 2 years ago by Mego04
TriZero43 TriZero43 Pain on Inside Right Knee 23,559 16 3 years ago by AliciaGriffin
Oehme Oehme Tips for relieving Thumb/Wrist Pain? 5,424 0 5 years ago by Oehme
SueinAZ SueinAZ Cycling again after an accident? 5,242 6 5 years ago by GarylDavis
ctm404 ctm404 Newb question from experienced cyclist - saddle sores? 5,144 2 5 years ago by Gotta Ride Today
PhatJohn PhatJohn Pain in the nether regions 3,291 1 6 years ago by Volksmarcher
CACOMD CACOMD Any guys have history with an increased PSA (prostate) and your doctor saying biking can contibute? 2,571 1 6 years ago by Volksmarcher
Rae1964 Rae1964 Rehab for Broken Foot? 3,439 0 6 years ago by Rae1964
BethLively BethLively Ladies...need your help 4,716 5 6 years ago by datafusion
BrittyTrek BrittyTrek Cycling Cancer Survivors! 3,906 4 6 years ago by hookandladder
karenszoo karenszoo Cranky Knees 6,596 8 6 years ago by BoniF
running01 running01 Numb feet while riding 6,844 6 6 years ago by BoniF
bikingbrian25 bikingbrian25 Cramps-What to do? 4,585 6 6 years ago by Iron Dawg
jtucker1974 jtucker1974 New To Cycling after running problems 5,687 9 7 years ago by strangerthanfitness
jollyroger1127 jollyroger1127 Run Off The Road 3,452 3 7 years ago by jollyroger1127
Don Pajarito Don Pajarito Ankle Pain--Injury? 5,591 3 7 years ago by MotiveForcer
markhanson2 markhanson2 lower back pain 5,211 5 7 years ago by Cycling Mob
lrtoburen3 lrtoburen3 Battling Numbness 9,801 11 7 years ago by Swampy1970
smess smess Good self-massager? 3,435 2 7 years ago by Swampy1970
helminger helminger saddle sores 7,064 10 7 years ago by lucka
bkefuji bkefuji numb toes in clips 24,911 44 7 years ago by MotiveForcer
RJ A RJ A Mid Back Tightness after long or intense rides 3,189 2 8 years ago by RJ A
1caad3 1caad3 Cramping 4,698 6 8 years ago by wawaski
Joe K. Joe K. Cycling again after disabling back injury 2,720 0 8 years ago by Joe K.
morrison1002 morrison1002 pain in upper arms on long rides 4,817 4 8 years ago by paprouty
tinyhuntress tinyhuntress Any advice on ITB problem? 10,284 14 8 years ago by mhfskibum
nooner08 nooner08 numb tingling fingers on road bike 5,700 4 8 years ago by eddie G