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What excercise can I do to help keep my hip in? Wendell Jo 1 month ago by CarlShirley0 14,895 13
Bottom Bracket for trek speed concept activedoc 2 years ago by activedoc 1,367 0
Elastic workout bands! DavidPat 3 years ago by ramirizjoi 9,862 5
Running Shoes Sophias Wisdom 5K 3 years ago by ramirizjoi 17,593 11
Adidas Vs Nike ramirizjoi 3 years ago by ramirizjoi 1,037 0
mp3 or ipod dvr 4 years ago by kenvinlee89 8,522 4
What tracking device is best? Polar, Garmin, etc? SlowerThanYou 5 years ago by mscrowder 9,877 3
Hip Gear to go BettyHoops 5 years ago by nickkhun23 5,303 1
What is your favorite piece of gear and why? Active Toby 5 years ago by PaulSerra 16,542 13
Has anyone tried the SIGVARIS Performance Sock? Melmb 5 years ago by veindoc 4,767 1
Asics Customer Service or Lack Of! Greg Vick 5 years ago by Greg Vick 3,212 0
Body composition scales - looking for the essence Macro 5 years ago by Macro 3,203 0
Underarmour Top and Swimming? ScottEriksson 5 years ago by ScottEriksson 4,423 0 Reader not working vabchgirls 6 years ago by Richard Bakare 4,901 1
Check out the Adventure Summit 2/20-2/21 (Free!) Winnike 6 years ago by kevingoorijan 5,999 1
Check out GearFest Oct. 3, 2009 Dayton, OH (Free!) hank4855 6 years ago by kevingoorijan 5,675 1
which hydration belt is best for a marathon trainer? kmac821 6 years ago by JohnL79 9,094 1
A watch for all sports 2009Andy 6 years ago by Amanda/Panda 13,284 5
Which map software to download to GPS? GeordieLad 6 years ago by GeordieLad 3,902 0
Home Elliptical Trainer Recommendations? jacova 6 years ago by Two Milehigh 8,036 4
What water bottle? susan-n-the black dog 6 years ago by bmds 4,297 1
Is anyone running the Santa Barbara 1/2 Marathon in May? Sarah02 7 years ago by keithsgirl 5,972 7
running shoes sjf89 7 years ago by 19,764 21
GARMIN REGIONS MikeDaMarine08 7 years ago by MikeDaMarine08 5,193 4
Recommendations for watches for triathalon training meg30 7 years ago by Bzdura 10,727 7
ActiveTrainer Plus HRM support? sloMo-gdale 7 years ago by sloMo-gdale 3,627 0
How Do You Beat the Bug Bites? Active Giselle 7 years ago by BTreeMommy 4,599 1
Don't Miss Out... riversfive 7 years ago by riversfive 2,833 0
Throat Phelgm popo385 7 years ago by jwannarun 3,951 2
Good idea or bad idea? Active Toby 8 years ago by Active Toby 3,878 4