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Pilates anyone?

I just added pilates into my running program and was w...

StephcottXC 6 years ago by Lyle65 4,131 8
What is the Pilates ?

An innovative system of mind-body exercise evolved fro...

haeveingridseyn 6 years ago by haeveingridseyn 1,999 0
Free Pilates, Yoga, Strength classes

  Coreworks Fitness in Columbia, MD is offering ...

sarajoy 7 years ago by sarajoy 2,985 0

Does anyone know of a good pilates place in Boston?

ShredJS 8 years ago by ShredJS 3,029 0

I recently was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my l...

asifrunner 8 years ago by Guest 5,703 9
Something new for 2007.....Shake it up

I wanted to share a great website for all those people...

peanut_24 9 years ago by Jay Silvio 2,811 2
Free Pilates Class

Core Pilates offers a free introductory class every Tu...

corepilates 11 years ago by corepilates 2,562 0