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I always hear about how good yoga is for runners--but ...

teamwilliams21 4 months ago by salmagomes 5,041 9
Did you do yoga today?

What kind of yoga did you do today? Maybe a question w...

snortman 4 months ago by salmagomes 391 1
An app for people who do yoga at home / alone

Hi,   My name is Costin, I’m an independent...

knstrktr 1 year ago by knstrktr 351 0
Yoga/Rockclimbing Weekend Sept. 13-15, 2013 at Devils Lake

Looking for a get-a-way weekend that blends adventure,...

HeidiChalupny0 1 year ago by HeidiChalupny0 330 0
Hot Yoga

I have tried hot yoga and it makes me feel awful after...

saraallent 1 year ago by adamheimann 5,023 7
Benefits of Vitamin C...

This vitamin helps to strengthen the tiniest blood ves...

parkerlind 1 year ago by adamheimann 3,396 5
Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Anxiety and Pain

Yoga Poses to Help Relieve Pain and Anxiety   Los...

adamheimann 1 year ago by adamheimann 460 0
Back Pain and Yoga

I have found yoga to be really helpful with back pain....

SportsGrl21 1 year ago by adamheimann 4,165 6
Favorite Yoga Clothes?

I'm fairly new to yoga and just wondering if anyone ha...

adamheimann 1 year ago by adamheimann 394 0
Yoga Leads to Happiness and Less Stress

Eating right and exercise have proven to makepeople ha...

adamheimann 1 year ago by adamheimann 322 0
Started doing yoga this week

I just started doing yoga this week, and I really like...

Angel2492 2 years ago by Angel2492 677 0
Anyone knows a good book for senior beginners?

  Anyone knows a good book for senior beginners?...

AT63b 3 years ago by jonathanroberts24 2,933 2
Yoga Etiquette

  One of the reasons it took me so long to pick ...

Nutrition Tara 3 years ago by jonathanroberts24 2,441 2
Favorite Pose

What is your favorite pose? Any that help you with cer...

Lesley Oz 3 years ago by BlissfulDelight 3,558 5
Mind, Body & Wellness Workshop(Professional Wellness Month Special)

When:June 21st, Sunday When: 3:30 PM Where: The Art of...

madhaviganti 5 years ago by madhaviganti 1,973 0
WII Fit Yoga

I bought it for my kids, but I'm really enjoying the y...

billprice005 5 years ago by billprice005 1,567 0
meaning of yoga??

In the present time, more and more people, especially...

laserlipo 5 years ago by Dating 2,019 2
Different Teachers?

I have always been very athletic as far as cardio goes...

speedsk8ter 5 years ago by speedsk8ter 1,734 0

Does anyone have good stretches? They don't have to be...

stxrips91398 6 years ago by DBabbit 2,303 1

  For some reason I can't do well doing things o...

pamburrus 6 years ago by hanikamiya 2,686 1




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