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Don't know what's the best product? What's safe? Share or seek advice on Mountain Biking equipment and gear.

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what kind of mountain bike for a beginner?

Hi,   I am planning on buying a mountain bike so...

Rennmaus 3 years ago by runrobbierun22 2,315 1
Where to keep your stuff?

Hi cyclists,   Ever struggle where to put a map,...

Tac5 4 years ago by Tac5 1,800 0
Storing your stuff...

Hi cyclists,   Ever struggle where to put a map,...

Tac5 4 years ago by Tac5 1,795 0
Longer-travel Forks

I am going to upgrade my suspension forks from manitou...

Imgellin 6 years ago by Imgellin 1,746 0
Indianapolis Bike Shops

Have a place I like to go (won't mention them yet) but...

Rob Hudson Personal Trainer 6 years ago by Rob Hudson Personal Trainer 2,127 0
Hardtail vs. Full Suspension Bikes?

Can anyone explain the differences here or the pros an...

Zack W 6 years ago by ManintheArena 7,689 3
The Right Bike?

I recently became interested in biking and am looking ...

jbarnett33 6 years ago by jbarnett33 2,408 0
29er vs. 26

I'm a roadie, but am interested in doing cross country...

aireyb123 6 years ago by tomwalling 2,571 1
Mountain Bikes for Beginners

Hey. I'm new to the sport and want to purchase the rig...

Zack W 6 years ago by orragoSAM 4,959 2
GearFest 2009 - Dayton, OH - Oct. 3 (Free!)

  GearFest is put on by the Five Rivers Metro Pa...

hank4855 6 years ago by hank4855 1,888 0
Best in-ear headphones for mountain biking

  I'm sure some of you out there have tried scor...

Gale Bernhardt 7 years ago by Snowmanco 4,824 1
Does Anyone Ride a 29/26er?

I'm curious as to whether you can tell a big differenc...

mvalenti 7 years ago by ctm404 4,448 1
gearfest 08 Dayton

  Has anyone from Dayton Ohio hear why they move...

searching4pow 7 years ago by searching4pow 2,362 0
cyclist clothing

Are there any male cyclist out there with slightly to ...

mightyjorun 8 years ago by mightyjorun 3,830 0
Needs input on bike helmets

Hello I have become a proud owner of a bike.  I ...

Yagi17 9 years ago by Birdman Silver 4,212 3
ID for the road

I'm listening to an AM radio program and the news on t...

smadachy 9 years ago by smadachy 4,090 6
Up grading old GT Timberline...

I'm upgrading my gt timberline and was wondering what ...

GTryder 10 years ago by GTryder 2,983 0
Noisey disc brakes

I am experiencing 'rattling' noises from my 'new' Gian...

bobmasters 10 years ago by tomharman 3,789 3