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While most people know that proper hydration is one of the most important aspects of endurance training and racing, there still exists a lot of confusion on what, when, how much and how often one should drink.

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Water Vs. Sports Drinks

I'm new to Triathlons and was wondering if it is ok du...

BigGirlsTri 2 years ago by Chris1439 23,781 28
Stay hydrated this summer

Summer is here!  That means beach time, fireworks...

MelissaE 3 years ago by hidrate 5,346 2
Gatorade vs. Gatorade G2

Regular gatorade or Gatorade G2! Which do you prefer a...

jbarnett33 3 years ago by hidrate 11,349 6
Slow Water Absorption

  I ride a road bike in the Sacramento area and ...

Tom Weissgerber 3 years ago by hidrate 5,325 5
Tracking Water Intake

Hi Everyone,   Recently, I was having trouble ke...

katesgoodlife 3 years ago by hidrate 1,921 1
In Response to Galloway's "20 Tips to Stay Cool on a Summer Run"

  One of the tips the great Jeff Galloway purpor...

Sharpner 7 years ago by Sharpner 2,545 0
Is peeing clear all the time normal?

*I'm preparing for my first sprint triathlon (San Dieg...

EverEnduring84 7 years ago by Nancy Clark RD CSSD 4,059 1

I am border line diabetic and try and avoid sugar. All...

kenr7485 7 years ago by JacqJackJohn 3,083 2
When did Soda Become Our Water?

Take my 4 Question Survey  http://www.zoomerang.c...

icurt06 8 years ago by Rsamorose 9,496 11
Cystalline Fructose

I think this ingredient is designed to throw people fo...

culinarydoctor 8 years ago by livefree 4,844 1
ironman race nutrition

I am doing my first ironman in april. Does anyone have...

jfcjr 8 years ago by jfcjr 2,954 0
Sea Salt Lemonaide

Any athletes putting sea salt in your sports drinks?&#...

culinarydoctor 8 years ago by culinarydoctor 3,094 0
San Francisco to vote on high sugar beverage tax?

  Saw something on the news about how "The City"...

culinarydoctor 8 years ago by culinarydoctor 3,480 2
Waters that cause De-Hydration

Some people drink very little water and some people dr...

Regilow 8 years ago by culinarydoctor 5,448 6
How much water do you really need?

No doubt about it--water is critical. In fact, it cons...

Trish18 8 years ago by Wilco 3,496 1
Why is water important?

Water needs to be considered an essential nutrient. Be...

Foodie101 8 years ago by Foodie101 4,492 0
Unbelieveable amount of sweat

Don't know what's normal but I perspire 2-3 times more...

wdtpga 9 years ago by redcurlz67 3,190 2
Online Sports Performance Training Journal

Attention coaches. I am putting together a strength an... 9 years ago by matspecialist 3,695 1
Question about dry mouth vs. thirst

This is my latest nuisance - my mouth and throat get v...

jennifersimon 9 years ago by jennifersimon 4,530 3
What size CamelBak...triathlon??

Hello All!   I am going to be competing (I use t...

ehunter01 9 years ago by Jay Silvio 3,460 1




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