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Healthy and energy filled recipes for active lifestyles. Post up your favorite meals or seek advice.

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Recipes for Sports Foods

As a sports dietitian, I get many requests for simple ...

Nancy Clark RD CSSD 1 year ago by adultxpedia 3,387 4
Healthy Cookbook (

Hi there,   I'm promoting our new cookbook from ...

Kokomo Fitness 1 year ago by Kokomo Fitness 421 0
About healtht food

How to get  a healthful  life   ?&...

ratangharami 1 year ago by ratangharami 456 0
Any kind of foods recipes or cooking problem

Help  here make food recipes   ?

ratangharami 1 year ago by ratangharami 438 0
Vegetable/Fruit Juice recipes

I was wondering if you guys have any healthy and yummy...

activej 3 years ago by Jonjon 2,281 2
Smoothies/Protein Shake Recipes

I'm looking for different smoothie/protein shake recip...

saraallent 4 years ago by flamomof3 17,880 19
High Protein Brownies - YUM!

Fabulously moist and tasty brownie recipe. They're hig...

bornfeetfirst 4 years ago by bornfeetfirst 1,440 0
cooking healthy for the family

  i am trying to cook healthy for my daughter, w...

serenityhill 4 years ago by kaylee1120 2,434 3
Superbowl Sunday Recipes

I'm not big on football, but I love the superbowl. Mos...

MelissaE 4 years ago by ryder100 7,058 6
Dr. Perricone Recipes

After trying the 3-day facelift diet I was convinced t...

jensterling 6 years ago by jensterling 2,264 0
You are what you eat: Rocket Fuel

Recipe: Rocket Fuel   2 boneless skinless chicke...

Active Toby 6 years ago by Active Toby 8,090 5
Healthier Recipes

Crispy Salmon Burgers       Prep Time...

Dukes1018 6 years ago by CountDrakeula 2,250 1
What's Your Ultimate Breakfast?

I just found this recipe the other day and tried it ou...

saraallent 6 years ago by TheFitnessNerd 3,451 1
Sushi can be diet? or Jpanese food?

  Is there a way to make Sushi more diet? I feel...

DouMartin 6 years ago by OkinaJuan 2,081 1
Black Bean Quesadillas

Black Bean Quesadillas   Prep Time: 10 minutes ...

saraallent 6 years ago by saraallent 2,139 0
Favorite post-run quick dinners

Hello! Due to my schedule, I fit my running in between...

reebe16 9 years ago by seaballs 4,283 10
No Diets!

I don't diet. I think the word is evil! I'm good 90% o...

Rukisses2003 9 years ago by smilyus 2,828 7