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Sports Nutrition

Join or create discussion about sports nutrition, diet and weight issues directly relating to sports, but not for eating disorders. Appropriate for all levels of experience.

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Best book on nutrition?

I am looking for a basic, comprehendable, and good boo...

TylerWolfe1 1 year ago by Frances0 1,922 2
Marathon nutrition

  HELP! I'm afraid that I am not eating the righ...

redsoxrunner 2 years ago by zibbybautista 6,503 7
What should I eat before strength and conditioning?

I run or swim regularly in the morning after eating my...

Pumpkinmomma 3 years ago by nrusnak90 6,908 7
I can't seem to commit to clean eating, it makes me gag!! Why??!?

So I began working out consistently about 8 months ago...

CynCity67 3 years ago by ultimatehlth 1,452 1
Help with child athlete's hydration / nutrition - serious inquiry

I really need some help with my daughter's hydration a...

richepd 3 years ago by MicheleSwim 1,425 1
Ryan Reynolds credits nutrition for transforming his physique

When movie stars need to transform their appearance th...

Jonjon 5 years ago by Jonjon 1,500 0
Are you struggling with sugar cravings?

Hi all,   My name is Jo, I am a Holistic Health ...

jofaber 5 years ago by quadzilla1 3,616 5
The Weight-Gain Process

Hello,   I am an underweight person trying to re...

Megmo84 5 years ago by car2nwallaby 4,348 9
Is it normal to see weight gain before seeing weight loss?

I have a client who is having trouble losing weight.&#...

drnat 5 years ago by Jonjon 1,765 1
Nutrition Assistance Needed

Hello Everyone...   I was hoping you guys could ...

Airborneangel 5 years ago by Jonjon 3,312 6
Oxidative Stress & Exercise

Hello,   Intense exercise is a source physiologi...

Megmo84 5 years ago by Megmo84 1,488 0
I am a super sweater.

I am a super sweater. I have a layer of salt on me eve...

marinbarclay 5 years ago by J_McInturf 4,936 7
need advice

ok so i started running about 6 months ago and i also ...

mileka21 5 years ago by GOTRIbalbaby 2,694 4
Whey or Soy Protein?

Hi there. Ok so i'm just trying to get an idea differe...

Jmbiddy 6 years ago by Hardgainer 11,090 12
athlete against diets

  I kicked my exercise up a notch a few months a...

MelissaE 6 years ago by ryder100 7,901 6

I typically have well-balanced, healthy meals, but I a...

jneptune 6 years ago by upbeat 2,769 2

I recently raced Ironman Louisville and I had a proble...

Indians1 6 years ago by Nutrition Tara 2,819 2
Whey Protein

I've been running for years now but for the last coupl...

andrsonr 7 years ago by ultimatehlth 2,827 1
morning fuel...or lack thereof

I am interested in learning about how people balance t...

S_Lewis 7 years ago by S_Lewis 2,221 0
What Does A World Champion Eat?

  Check out what Michael Phelps eats on a daily ...

livefree 7 years ago by KAPOSTA 2,819 1




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