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Chris1439 Chris1439 replied to Best book on nutrition?

"In a new book titled, “Fueling For Peak Performance”, Nina Anderson SPN, discusses why endurance athletes need to incorporate mineral replac"

in Sports Nutrition 1 replies
1 month ago
jeffreyjaicks jeffreyjaicks started the thread nutrition program

"Hi, Can anyone recommend me a proper nutrition program to lose a few pounds? Thanks in advance. _________ drjaicks"

in Nutrition 0 bookmarks
1 month ago
TylerWolfe1 TylerWolfe1 started the thread Best book on nutrition?

"I am looking for a basic, comprehendable, and good book on nutrition. I am training for a half marathon for the spring and a full in the fal"

in Sports Nutrition 0 bookmarks
1 month ago




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