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Team Aquaphor - Atlanta

Team Aquaphor is comprised of top-age group athletes who primarily compete in the sports of triathlon and running. These athletes were chosen based on their dedication and passion for their sport as well as their knowledge, experience, and love for Aquaphor products.

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Hi team!


I hope all is well with everyone and we are training hard and smart. I want to share some exciting news too. I hit the podium with an overall second place finish at the Turtle Crawl sprint in Jekyll Island, GA a couple of weeks ago. The race was interesting as it was a time trial start. I actually "finished" the race first, but the winner was behind me! Overall, I would highly recommend this race.


I look forward to hearing how everyone's season is going so far.






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Woodlake tri last Saturday. 3rd overall female, 1st age group! Beat by a 25 year old and a 29 year old, not too bad for my 48 year old self!! Was leading until around 1.5 of the 3 mile run. A duathlon was going on at the same time on the same course, so had no idea until results were posted.


Wore one of the Blue Seventy skinsuits for the first time ever, very nice, definitely would recommend it. Borrowed this one from a friend, but will be getting one for myself soon. Xterra has them on sale right now!! $100 off the short leg one. Sold!!



Hope everyone's training and racing is going well!!






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Cool Links in Team Aquaphor - Atlanta

Posted by TeamAquaphor May 21, 2009


Here are a few links that may be of interest to some of you!! ,  (hourly deals on bike stuff)  (awesome product called Recover-Ease)



Lost my 5 pounds, racing this weekend in Vass NC!.    The Woodlake Triathlon!!!  















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Hi Atlanta!!


I'm Ginger Spansel from North Carolina, I'm in the "Other" region so I have no blog home. Atlanta seems closest and there are a couple other NC people in your group. We moved to North Carolina from Dallas last year so racing got off to a slow start in 2008. I'm looking forward to a better season in 2009!!



Had my first race of the season on May 3rd, the White Lake Sprint Tri. Really nice sand bottom lake in White Lake, NC, the race is part of the NCTS (North Carolina Triathlon Series). Didn't have my best race but still managed to place 13th overall female and 2nd in my age group (45-49)!! Had my typical wetsuit freakout, and swam pretty much the entire 750 with it unzipped, decent bike and okay run. Went into the race about 5 pounds heavy so I'm working on getting rid of the excess baggage. Next event is the Woodlake Triathlon in Vass, NC on May 23rd.. It was my first here last year so I'm hoping to improve my time.



I'm signed up for Augusta 70.3 so hopefully I'll see some Aquaphor Teammates there in September!!


















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Hi -



Well, I thought that I might start since I figured out how to do this.  My name is Michele Keane, and I live in the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody area.  I have been running and competing for over 30 yrs (since I was 16 and a high school sophmore).  Most recently, I have been pursuing my goal of running a marathon in all 50 states.  Would love to hear from more of you in the area, and hopefully we can all meet.



As far as the training goes now, I am recuperating from a left hamstring strain that I did while playing tennis - not even running! I will try to keep up with this blog as I can.



Michele Keane



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