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Team Aquaphor - Boulder/Denver

Team Aquaphor is comprised of top-age group athletes who primarily compete in the sports of triathlon and running. These athletes were chosen based on their dedication and passion for their sport as well as their knowledge, experience, and love for Aquaphor products.

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Hi Team,



I'm looking forward to seeing Team Aquaphor at the races this year.  It's very exciting meeting new people, seeing old friends and reading about the incredible results the team posts.  Best of luck to everyone.



Steph Popelar



PS - Julie, nice pics on the home page, application and manual.  You rock!



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My name is Dan McIntosh. This is my third year in triathlon and first year on Team Aquaphor. Just in time for the Bolder Boulder I've received the athlete package with all of the great apparel and product. The Bolder Boulder will host over 50,000 runners this Memorial Day. It will be another training day for me, but I'm excited to represent Aquaphor.


A little more about me.  The main focus of this season will be doing well in Kona on October 10th. Until then I'll focus on the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Series in New York and Chicago. I will also race in the 5430 series and several other local events. On May 9th 2009 I received my Masters in Engineering from the University of Colorado and am currently working full time as an engineer in Denver. Aside from training and working, I enjoy home projects, gardening, painting, reading, cooking, chess and playing/listening to music. I train primarily in the Boulder and Denver area and am open to training with other Aquaphor athletes.



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This is my first time ever posting a message to a blog.  I am planning on racing the Sand Creek Sports XC Mountain Bike Series in Colorado Springs this summer.  Just wondering if anybody else was planning on racing it.  The website with all the information for the series can be found at



Nathan McCrary



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