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Team Aquaphor - Minneapolis

Team Aquaphor is comprised of top-age group athletes who primarily compete in the sports of triathlon and running. These athletes were chosen based on their dedication and passion for their sport as well as their knowledge, experience, and love for Aquaphor products.

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Hi all - borrowed a wet suit from a friend of mine, and went for a swim in Lake Marion in Lakeville. WOW! 1st time I've worn a wet suit, and I learned that I didn't even have to kick! And it kept me warm! The only bad news is that I got a lot of chafing on my neck - good thing I had that Aquaphor in my bag! I rubbed some on, and couldn't feel any more irritation. I got on my bike with no issues. Now I'm going to start tapering for Buffalo which is this weekend. I have one more open water swim planned for this Friday - I'll lube up before putting the wet suit on, and hopefully I'll do a better job swimming in a straight line! Here's hoping for <15 mph winds on Sunday!






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Hey Everyone,

My name is Stephanie Byland and I too am new to the team this year and I'm very excited about it.  I just got back from running the Green Bay Marathon this weekend and am looking forward to the tri season to begin.  Here's what's on my schedule.  Looks like I'll see some of you at some of these events.

Dam to Dam 20k, Liberty 1/2 Ironman, Rochesterfest Sprint, Graniteman Sprint, Chisago Lakes 1/2 Ironman, Big Creek Olympic, Race the Lake(90 mile bike race), Great River Relay, Ironman WI and Chicago Marathon.


If anyone that is doing IMWI that is planning to head to Madison to do a course ride, let us know.  It would be great to get a few people together to do it together.  I also got some info on some construction on the bike course that will be going on for the next 3 months or so.  


Good luck training and racing everyone!

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My name is Noelle Andrychowicz and am new to Team Auquaphor this year.  I just got back from running the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati a couple of weeks ago.  My upcoming races for the season are:  Minneapolis 1/2 Marathon, Liberty 1/2 Iron distance, Graniteman, Chisago 1/2 Iron distance, and Ironman Madison.  I look forward to the upcoming coming racing season.






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Hi All,



Since Minneapolis is the closet to where I just moved to in Wisconsin, I thought i'd throw out a note here.  Welcome AllI'm Pam Gray and just moved here from Texas, where I was a Professor of Kinesiology, Head Men's and Women's CC Coach, Senior Women's Administrator in Athletics, and Curriculum Coordinator.  I have been running for 36 years - WHEW!!! TODAY, the 14th is my birthday, so I can officially say it's been 36 years.  I'm excited to be a part of the Team for 2009what a GREAT PRODUCT.  I have been using Aquaphor products for 5 years and getting more involved with Aquaphor is a gift.  Two years ago, a AAA aneurysm was discovered in my abdomen after a test MRI test from a cramp that I had after running down Fort Davis mountains in West Texas with my CC team.  And yes, I had a major surgery and have been back to full running and keep getting stronger.  Who does this after having an aneurysm.  I am now a spokesperson as well for Baylor Medical Institute in Houston, Texas where my surgery was done.  I am a unique candidate with no medical history, an athlete my entire life, and NO other health issues. 



Back to running and racing now so it's AWESOME!!!  I raced crazy legs in Madison and a short goal was top 5 in my age group of over 300 runners in the group and I ended up 4th, so that was very COOL!!!  There were 18,000 runners that day and i believe that place put my about 1000 overall. 



Currently , I am a Director of Recreation, Health, Fitness and Wellness.  Enough said!! I trained for two Olympic Marathons and have an amazing amount of success in my 36 years.  Aquaphor is my 3rd sponsor in my career and I have also been a tester for Champion Gear and New Balance.  Running has truly been a gift that God does not want me to give up just yet. 



I'm dealing with a little bit of a tight glute muscle right now and yikes, hate the idea of not having any injury issues since of course, my lay off from my surgery. 



All in all, i am so hungry to race again in the Midwest.  Hitting 48 today was cool, because i'm still up there with the Big Dogs and the younger athletes, hopefully with the longevity in this sport that it can inspire the youth to keep going!!!!



Take Care Minnesotans, where I once lived for 7 years as well. 



runfast now in 4 states!!  the plate lives on.  pam



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Hi Twin Cities Team Aquaphor -


Brrrr, thinking about riding this morning, and I see that it's 44 with a wind chill of 39! Even my wool tights from 1983 won't keep me warm enough in that weather!  Hopefully it will calm down by the afternoon.




My name is Lynne Nelson, and I'm a new Team Aquaphor member.  I'm looking forward to a full season of tris witha few running races thrown in for good measure. I ran the Trail Mix in April (didn't race, just did the run) and it was fantastic. I ran the TC 1 mile (my 1st time) and coughed for a week after that! I think

the people around me were a little worried when I said at the start that I'd never run a mile before. What I meant was that I'd never run just a mile before.




I just read Jerry MacNeil's last blog, and I see that one of our teammates - Joe Kandiko was featured. Wow, nice xrays! I agree that this getting old stuff is "for the birds." So is anyone doing Buffalo? That's my first tri for the season.  Looking forward to calmer weather, and to meeting fellow aquaphor teammates.




Lynne Nelson



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