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Team Aquaphor - New York

Team Aquaphor is comprised of top-age group athletes who primarily compete in the sports of triathlon and running. These athletes were chosen based on their dedication and passion for their sport as well as their knowledge, experience, and love for Aquaphor products.

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Im traveling from Boulder  to NYC for the triathlon this weekend. I'll be arriving Saturday and leaving Wednesday. I'd like to train/see the city while Im out there. Let me know if you'd like to meet up.

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Well I did it and I am sorry to say I am VERY proud of myself.  I competed AND completed my first Half Ironman (really my first triathlon all together).  It was a great experience and I felt great after and I can't wait to do another. 



It was great to be in Maryland and see a bunch of other teammates from all around.  I got to meet a few of them and definitely got cheered on by all of them.  It felt so good to be a part of a team, even if I didn't know everyone's name it was a good reason to smile during the race.  As I would see the uniforms approaching it was as motivating as having my parents there.  We would smile, give a thumbs up or say just a few words of encouragment.  I look forward to racing in more events and seeing and meeting many more members of Team Aquaphor.



Until then, I want to thank Brian Law and Team Aquaphor for all their support with my Triathlon Training Camp.  If there is anyone out there interested in a fun training camp check out [|].  We have been running a "No Frills" training camp in Lake Placid for nine years now.  It is a fully supported camp with organized training sessions, course support, information sessions, mechanical sessions, yoga classes and a wonderful pannel of experienced triathletes, cyclists and runners.  The camp is June 26-29th (come earlier or later whatever fits your schedule) in Lake Placid.  It is mostly centered around those doing the Lake Placid Ironman, however, we have people come that are just runners or cyclists who want a change in scenery.  This year we have 160 participants and still growing by the day.  We are fully sponsored by Hammer Nutrition, SBR, Fuel Belt, Profile Design, The Runner's Edge, High Peaks Cyclery, Spinverals, I WILL Foundation and new this year Aquaphor.  If anyone has any questions or would like to sign up please feel free to do so via the website.  It is not too late. 



Good luck to all those racing this weekend and I hope to see/meet some of you soon!






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I just wanted to post a quick hello to all of the New Yorkers out there. I am Kelly Covert in Syracuse, NY, and I am a mother of 2 boys( 6 and 2), wife, professional musician, and triathlete (among other things). This is my first season with Team Aquaphor, and I am giddy with excitement to be included in such great company!


My big race this season is the Musselman Half-Ironman Triathlon, my first half-iron distance tri. I am also planning on a fall marathon with some sprint and olympic tris sprinkled in between. You can check out my crazy trimommy (mis)adventures at my personal blog--[My Life as a Trimommy.|]



I look forward to meeting some of you during the season. Happy training!



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Hello all you New Yorkers!!!  I have a few free minutes and thought I would reach out to my fellow teammates and introduce myself.  My name is Danielle Messinger, I am currently a resident of Huntington which is on Long Island.  I am a second year Team Aquaphor athlete, however, my first year on the New York roster.  For the past ten years I was living in Washington DC (though I am originally from the Long Island area) and for my first year with Team Aquaphor raced on that roster.  I am very happy to be back in the New York area.  Nothing excites me more then being able to get outside and run around the water.  I am a land shark by nature (runner) so most of my days are spent running between the hills of the North Shore and the lovely flat trails of the South Shore.  I also love a run in Central Park here and there for stimulation of meeting new athletes. 



This season poses some new challenges for me as I am registered to do my first half Ironman.  I registered by suggestion from a friend for Eagleman last June and have been spending all fall, winter and spring learning how to swim and ride a bike all over again.  It has been a huge learning curve, one that is a nice change to the body but one that can be frustrating as all **** when you feel like you are constantly hammering just to keep up with everyone while they warm up.  I have to admit I love the cross training aspect, my body feels stronger and more balanced, but I have to say to all you triathletes I respect all the time it takes to get into the shape necessary to participate in a triathlon. 



So I hope to meet or at least be in contact with those in the area.  Just returning to New York I am faced with finding new areas to run, meeting new people and learning the ropes of what races and events are offered.  I did join the NYRR so that should be helpful.  Please feel free to reach out to me if any of you are in the Long Island area to arrange a group workout or just to meet up.  I would love any helpful suggestions you can offer regarding my first half Ironman.  Until then, enjoy the semi spring weather we seem to be having and stay strong and healthy!!! 



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