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Team Aquaphor - San Diego

Team Aquaphor is comprised of top-age group athletes who primarily compete in the sports of triathlon and running. These athletes were chosen based on their dedication and passion for their sport as well as their knowledge, experience, and love for Aquaphor products.

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I'm currently training for my season opening race...."World's Toughest Triathlon" in Auburn, Ca.  Curious if anyone has done it.  I hear its a doozy!  Little nervous about the "Lemond walked" hill.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Here's some advice I should have thought of... "Don't start the season with such a tough race! " :o)



Patty Mas



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Felipe Loureiro - Breakaway Training



I like to invite all the members of Team Aquaphor to stop by my group workouts.



More info, email me at: or






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