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An anything-goes gathering place for discussion of all things: great thoughts, jokes, philosophical musings, silly questions and high-test camaraderie.

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Virtual Races

Hey Everyone,   Not new to but new t...

mchina24 8 months ago by mchina24 487 0
ISIS After-School Programs Gain Popularity In Midwest XC Teams

No one be scared...they're just distance runners! ...

RunnrGod 11 months ago by RunAndRun21 524 1
Are You Gellin?

Dr. Scholl's insert commercial.     https:/...

Imgellin 1 year ago by Imgellin 412 0
I stopped in because I heard it was hopping here.

Not so much.

korts 1 year ago by Jack Cort 3,117 8
Where you been?

I was totin' my pack along the dusty Winnemucca road, ...

Jack Cort 1 year ago by Jack Cort 577 0
When does life begin?

When the kids go away to college and the dog dies. &#...

MnD 1 year ago by MnD 572 0
Where did everyone go?

Where there were many, now there are none.

Steaming Socks 1 year ago by shipo 935 1
Memorialize a fallen hero with your next race!

Gold Star Teen Adventures, a non-profit foundation tha...

c wolff 1 year ago by c wolff 645 0
C25k Best Thing That's Ever Happened To Me (before/after pics)

I didn't know which section to post this in, so I'm po...

JustGlori 2 years ago by pau1rad9 1,715 3
50 State Challenges, 100 Half Anywhere Challenge, 7 Continents Challenge & 500 Endurance Challenge

Multiple challenges for runners to choose from   ...

50 States HALF Marathon 2 years ago by 50 States HALF Marathon 726 0
2014 Half Marathons Recently Updated ...

Currently the most up to date half marathon calendar o...

HalfMarathons 2 years ago by HalfMarathons 750 0
Hey, ya'll!

So, who are the newbies?

Formerly olivero88 2 years ago by Formerly olivero88 795 0
Anyone remember me?

I used to post back in 2004 when I first started runni...

Little Miss Booyah 2 years ago by StillTheKenyan 4,037 7
Dan's Run Blog, thoughts, and trots

I've been writing alot about my running and thought it...

MegaDan88 2 years ago by MegaDan88 3,271 9
Every now and then you have to turn over the compost pile

This pile is due.

solipsist 2 years ago by solipsist 821 0
Sign Petition for Voula Papachristou

I would really appreciate some support on this. This w...

Imgellin 3 years ago by Imgellin 1,079 0
Funny Zombie Vid - Will A-Holes Survive?

  Tongue in cheek - Pretty funny. Haha

new2forum 3 years ago by new2forum 1,107 0


caaaaaa 8 years ago by makeda 2,263 2
If Movies Were Breakfast Cereals (funny)  ...

jjwaverly_42 3 years ago by jjwaverly_42 1,220 0
Boycott New Balance

Jim Davis, chairman of New Balance, gave $500K to Mitt...

Jim66441 4 years ago by erik-k 2,267 2