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One of the largest Memorial Day Tributes in the country; a fun family event through the scenic streets of Boulder, Colorado, as competitive or as leisurely as you desire.

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Welcome to the BolderBOULDER Community: READ ME!!!

Here are a few things to know about this forum:  ...

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What is your most memorable moment participating in a BB event?

So many to choose from...

ActiveBelmonte2 8 years ago by ActiveBelmonte2 2,215 0
Advice: Racing shoes for the BolderBouler

Hi, I am a high school student that is planning on run...

coreball3 8 years ago by coreball3 2,165 0
BolderBoulder Shoes - HELP!!!

  I am now back at square one of looking for som...

coreball3 8 years ago by coreball3 2,079 0

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