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2009 MCHH t-shirt exchange ACRacer-X 6 years ago by ACRacer-X 2,190 0
How did this course copare to last year's? bozley 6 years ago by bitwrangler 2,915 3
Packet Pick-Up Team Work Reeniee 6 years ago by Reeniee 1,881 0
Pacing groups Adeel67186 6 years ago by noteable 3,418 5
Dinner Sat night before MCHH silvereagle 6 years ago by silvereagle 2,617 1
MCHH Day at the Museum MikeDaMarine08 6 years ago by MikeDaMarine08 1,830 0
So who is running the MCHH silvereagle 6 years ago by MikeDaMarine08 4,445 8
2 bibs available for $30 each ADVT 6 years ago by goaska29v 3,232 5
Dinner Saturday Night silvereagle 6 years ago by silvereagle 2,255 2
My first half marathon...walker Joanne52 6 years ago by Laydney 3,660 6
Need advice before I sign up for Historic Half.... only did 1 other half marathon... am I ready for another? barbanew 6 years ago by MikeDaMarine08 3,741 6
ipods on course--new USATF rules runkaterun2006 6 years ago by runkaterun2006 3,156 2
how much time do we have before they close the race? Lourdes Vales 7 years ago by MikeDaMarine08 2,698 4
Am I too slow for this one? bozley 7 years ago by silvereagle 2,056 1
Historic half bib available Bee Coats 7 years ago by nzhang 2,408 1
Run in the Rain Tomorrow or ... runjb 7 years ago by slowcrazyrunningfool 2,115 2
1 Marathon Bib Available irishmel3 7 years ago by smille33 1,809 2
Injured-having surgery-have bib available. LaMaWu 7 years ago by Myblueeyedgurl 2,199 3
Thanks, have bibs now Ruth OHara 7 years ago by KristyKorba 2,321 3
What did you think of the race? ArtVandelayJr 7 years ago by jstenner 10,322 31
5k Runs RunningStealth 7 years ago by RunningStealth 2,176 1
What does the 7 3M statistic mean on our results? Wilson Cook 7 years ago by Wilson Cook 2,841 4
Lost camera at Historic Half Krispy99 7 years ago by Krispy99 1,710 0
Results?? renjay 7 years ago by renjay 2,685 2
USMC Historic Half Marathon bib available usnstar 7 years ago by usnstar 3,760 6