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New Balance shoe advice

Hi!  Longtime runner -  20 yrs, 15-20 mi. av...

MIKELee8662 2 weeks ago by MIKELee8662 232 0
Is the "Asics Tiger Mens Gel Kayano Trainer" a proper running shoe?

I have just got a pair of these "Asics Tiger Mens Gel ...

CiaranDeBuitlear 2 weeks ago by lenzlaw 324 1
App for Organizing Runs with Friends

Hey everybody! I am considering developing an app that...

RaquelKahler 1 month ago by RaquelKahler 443 0
Running Beanie Cap

I have a large noggin (e.g. 7 3/4 to 8.0" fitted baseb...

RunTown 2 months ago by Imgellin 492 1
Great Gear Deals on

HiEveryone, Just aheads up on an opportunity you migh... 3 months ago by 439 0
Any owners of Brooks Beast '14 here?

Hello everyone! Thinking about buying a pair of these ...

BrassKicker 3 months ago by BrassKicker 360 0
Running shoes for work

So I have flat feet, got a custom made orthotic shoe i...

pyaarawala 3 months ago by Imgellin 575 1
Hoka One One Rapa Nui 2: Maximalism meets Minimalism?

Has anyone run in the Hoka One One shoes? They're high...

JasonFitz1 3 months ago by RunningTD 1,466 5
Transitioning into more minimalist shoes

Hi everybody!       ...

Kristen722 3 months ago by Imgellin 451 2
Samsung Gear S watch & Nike+ video review

Hi guys! I was getting a lot of questions about runnin...

JolieHales5097 4 months ago by JolieHales5097 355 0
Do insoles make a difference?

Hello Runners, I have just started to admire and ge...

FootCareDesign 5 months ago by Imgellin 676 4
Serious supination

I'm running 12 to 20 miles per week (and doing lots of...

jart4 5 months ago by lenzlaw 309 1
Higher Peaks Running Oxygen  Training

Hey all,  I have a barley used higher peaks Evere...

johnqpublic1 5 months ago by johnqpublic1 224 0
Free Apps for Recording & Sharing Lap Time

I have written an Android Apps for recording and shari...

plasticman99 5 months ago by plasticman99 233 0
Research Project on Jordan Shoe Brand Loyalty

Hello all members. First off, I want to say I am a lon...

sbowen2397 5 months ago by sbowen2397 268 0
Shorts with Liners for Men

I've been pretty old school in my running apparel. I'v...

WDCrunner 5 months ago by Imgellin 547 1
Simple android running app

Please give a try to my personal running app. The more...

sixfeetfive 6 months ago by sixfeetfive 1,436 0
What to replace my Nike Air Citius with?

I've tried three other shoes and can't find anything w...

GTX723 6 months ago by Imgellin 630 1
Shoe Reviews and My Running Journey

Wanted to share my running journey over the last five ...

Sumanta 7 months ago by Imgellin 517 1
worn out shoes

I think that most people are aware of the fact, that w...

jensstarup 7 months ago by Imgellin 5,871 16