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Shoe quandry Mair_H 1 week ago by justamaniac 462 5
Virtual Races. Thumbs up or down? 1 week ago by JeramiahD 630 4
Getting from Good to Great JirinPanthosa 2 weeks ago by justamaniac 2,798 23
Training for Marathon DebiSmith6 3 weeks ago by SandeeSandbrink 525 2
Idea for an app - would this be useful to you? willemmuller 3 weeks ago by willemmuller 313 0
Sudden loss of breath on hills--MD's Find Nothing Wrong Vespacian 3 weeks ago by Vespacian 522 4
Worst Questions To Ask A Runner jorgedu1 1 month ago by crl8686 567 5
The spiritual side of running RunningmanSTL 1 month ago by RunningmanSTL 564 2
Run/Walk for New Runners? harpangel36 1 month ago by harpangel36 269 0
Do you run with headlamp?share yours. iamMax 1 month ago by nikkicarr1 508 4
Have you qualified for Boston? I'd like to interview you seanv2 1 month ago by seanv2 260 0
Doomed to be a slow runner? ThisGirlThrives 1 month ago by lenzlaw 390 1
Newbie.  Starting 5k Training Mac0730 1 month ago by lenzlaw 329 1
Need help from runners who are also big geeks. 1 month ago by JirinPanthosa 318 1
How to Train for a Marathon with a Full Time Job? JolieHales5097 1 month ago by REATHCON 726 4
Returning and trying to stay positive... TxMama 1 month ago by Imgellin 345 2
How low is a 158 spm cadence for a 20:00 5K? redcafe5534 1 month ago by REATHCON 561 1
Side cramp BAD. Need help! frontrunninglife 1 month ago by lenzlaw 320 1
Video Race Review: Lagoon Amusement Park 10K JolieHales5097 2 months ago by Imgellin 325 2
Is it time to create new PRs? 2 months ago by 243 0
Teen daughter with low iron jmun5 2 months ago by jmun5 361 2
Saucony to New Balance Training Shoes - Sizing.. TheMountaineer 2 months ago by TheMountaineer 706 4
Twenty-One, or Twenty-Three Mile Long-Run? Imgellin 2 months ago by Imgellin 541 3
Running on a Plant Based Diet Progman26.2 2 months ago by Progman26.2 248 0
Marathon training and flu JCloyd 2 months ago by lenzlaw 302 1
recovery advice please !! JSR112 2 months ago by HarmonyMedicine 1,726 4
My silly running observations contained in one thread 2 months ago by 5,156 50
Ultra-running and cellular health Korey1989 3 months ago by Korey1989 256 0
Motivational Post jorgedu1 3 months ago by jorgedu1 268 0
Running Between Training Programs WDCrunner 3 months ago by WDCrunner 316 0