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Have you ever met the Gouchers?

Run Streak Day: 753 Blog Streak Day: 14 (http://oxentr... 3 hours ago by Imgellin 64 1
My silly running observations contained in one thread

In fear of being a nuscance with my posts, I have deci... 3 hours ago by Imgellin 33 2
Do you wave to other runners?

Run Streak Day: 752Blog Streak Day: 13 (http://oxentro... 3 hours ago by Imgellin 124 3
new to marathon training

Hi, I finally feel ready to relize my (two-yer) long a...

ydiez 2 days ago by ydiez 5,174 25
Running and Christmas morning (pseudo run related)

Run Streak Day: 751Blog Streak Day: 12 (http://oxentro... 3 days ago by 76 0
IT Band Syndrome - 3 exercises to help

I once had ITBS for six months - I nearly quit as a ru...

JasonFitz1 1 week ago by JasonFitz1 146 0
Marathon training

I need some real help with my training.  I have r...

Anokaflyer 2 weeks ago by JoaneEvans 753 5
Interested in peak performance?

Interested in peak performance? Competing in an event ...

AMouton 2 weeks ago by AMouton 120 0
Fifty States Half Marathon Club 2015 Annual Meet Up to be Held at ...

Fifty States Half Marathon Club Annual Meet Up 2015 De...

Halfmarathonclub 2 weeks ago by Halfmarathonclub 102 0
Discount to Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon

Here is a discount for all of you to the Surf City Mar...

Halfmarathonclub 2 weeks ago by Halfmarathonclub 91 0
Running Technique

Hello All,   My name is Leslie and I have just ...

ladees 2 weeks ago by JoaneEvans 1,023 3
Heal and Foot Pain

I just started running and have been having a hard tim...

kjpkjp 2 weeks ago by JoaneEvans 444 2
Performance decrease due to cold or lack of running?

I ran two races this past year, a half marathon in Aug...

hammer4321 2 weeks ago by Imgellin 529 1
Inspirational Runners

I too, as with everyone on here, am a lover of all thi...

iamLadyRunner 3 weeks ago by JoaneEvans 407 1
Running and Strength Training

How important do you feel it is to supplement running ...

clateboulder 3 weeks ago by JoaneEvans 1,159 3
Shin pain while running

Hi everyone I started running a few months ago and hav...

MicahDubose 3 weeks ago by JoaneEvans 1,524 5

Hello,   I just finished the first week of Couch...

KristinJ87 3 weeks ago by JoaneEvans 407 1
Post-race blues

Hello everyone!   I am new to this forum and wa...

jlsd 3 weeks ago by justamaniac 534 3
Treadmill Running - Knee Lock

I have been running on a treadmill for the past few mo...

mbrady121 3 weeks ago by JennyPaul0 2,605 4
Need a little marathon training advice

I THOUGHT I was hitting the wall at early points along...

dbernarducci 3 weeks ago by JoaneEvans 851 2




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