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Athena and Clydesdale

This forum is for heavyweight runners to connect and discuss training, racing and support each other

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shoes that make you feel like you're walking on the moon

Hey guys we just launched a kickstarter campaign for a...

DemorTasko 1 month ago by DemorTasko 447 0
opinions on qualifications for Athena/Clydesdale categories

  As a runner that can typically qualify to run ...

SportiGrl 2 years ago by DylanHale 28,321 32
Shorts not along for the "ride"...

In the process of loosing weight and getting run times...

Raserei 3 years ago by Leadville Fan 4,556 6
Marathon Shoes

Good morning!   I have worn out my pair of Asics...

Dan Gaz 3 years ago by Leadville Fan 2,014 1

Hello!  Just thought I'd introduce myself, in cas...

helloitsanne1 3 years ago by LeighDS 1,565 1
Help with Winter Running Tights for 2XL

Hello - I am currently 248 pounds and training for a h...

emmaleigh47 3 years ago by lsivak2012 5,471 5
Athenas are Real Runners too!

I'm super proud of my Athena status and wish there wer...

AthenaRunning 3 years ago by AthenaRunning 1,871 0
Do you ever feel that skinny runners look at you differently?

hey everyone! i'm nikki. i've been running since Feb. ...

bikegirl72 4 years ago by 300poundsandrunning 41,630 60
A New Perspective....

Hey everyone, this is my first post on any board, but ...

BackOnTrack2006 4 years ago by jjwaverly_42 5,682 7
Clydesdale and Athena runners

I have heard it once said that a majority of the peopl...

StanleighCO 5 years ago by macarlson 12,425 20
Do you even CARE about being fast?

I do, although it's all relative. I'd love to do an 8 ...

pcsronbo006 5 years ago by AGC525 26,565 49
Agony of de-Feet

Hi - I am new here and have only been running 18 weeks...

ClydesdaleRunnin 5 years ago by StanleighCO 3,763 3
Anyone running the Chicago Half - one week from today?!

My first half. I'm not going to lie, right now I'm abs...

ChubbyRunrGrl 5 years ago by ChubbyRunrGrl 3,562 3
Slower in the summer heat?

Where are all the big boys and girls this summer? ...

Surfing_Vol 5 years ago by Surfing_Vol 3,660 3
Can you go pro as a clydesdale?

I am new to the competitive athletics arena. I have be...

PDmorris 5 years ago by Ben Schorr 3,127 1
New and Need Shoes....Help!!

  Hi all as a Newbie- fresh startin tommorow eve...

nfleming 6 years ago by ChubbyRunrGrl 10,738 11
Looking for top Clydesdale qualifying marathons?

I have run the St George Utah marathon twice in an att...

Fraamer 6 years ago by Run Coach Robert 5,632 3
Looking for tips/suggestions for running my first trail run.

Hello,   There isn't much to choose from during ...

ChubbyRunrGrl 6 years ago by DVMrunner 7,762 9
weight qualification?

  I can't seem to find an official weight to qua...

dbrown1177 6 years ago by Marykb 21,447 29
Is anyone running a race in February

I I'm the mid winter classic 10miler in Maine

slowrunningpete 6 years ago by Sodapotts 10,307 13