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Find tips for injury prevention, recovery and support for the sidelined runner.

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Leg pain... should I get this examined?

I'll start with this- I'm very busy at work and will h...

RunningMidwife 1 day ago by RunningMidwife 122 0
Osteoarthritis of the right shoulder.

I have recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of ...

flobalob 3 days ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 290 1
8 months of undiagnosed calf pain after marathon

I started having a dull (sometimes moderate to severe)...

LestrB 5 days ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 679 4
How to relieve periarthritis of shoulder

hi,I was only 25 years old, but because of work reason...

shirley88 1 month ago by shirley88 482 2
Strained Hip Flexor

Hi. I strained a hip flexor on the front side of my hi...

WDCrunner 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 447 1
Arch Pain when Running

Hi everyone! First time poster here. So two summers a...

emilygoring 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 394 1
Left Foot ankle area popping while i walk

Pretty advanced runner and i dont really get alot of p...

Claytonruns 1 month ago by Claytonruns 479 3
5km runner with undiagnosed lower leg muscle ache for 20 years

Hi Would really welcome some constructive advice. For ...

jambam 1 month ago by jambam 434 2
Possible ITBS? Not sure, help!

I've just decided that I want to start training for my...

ajtoole 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 351 1
Pulled Muscle under Kneecap

I've been running with a slight injury the last few we...

Imgellin 1 month ago by Imgellin 401 2
Hip Arthroscopy & Labral Tear: Please help!

Hello all, Hoping a few of you have some experience ...

coloradolora 1 month ago by lenzlaw 186,538 605
Mystified by chest pain- ideas?

So last fall I had been a real active high school cros...

RunningFinn 1 month ago by Imgellin 739 4
Baffled by ongoing pain - any ideas?

I had been running about 4.5 miles every morning for y...

Sunnyday3105 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 1,662 16
Sharp hip pain, any ideas?

I've been running for about 6 months now, at least 4 d...

hahines 1 month ago by Martymiraglia 5,384 4
Running saved my life

Running saved my life. At the end of running a fast la...

Jack Coulson 1 month ago by justamaniac 470 2
what is wrong with my lower legs and why can't I get rid of it

So my senior cross country season almost two years ago...

Kaaii 2 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 513 3
Side/Back of leg pain

Last year I developed hip bursitis one day after runni...

demoso 2 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 403 1
Recent Ankle Sprain

Hi All I am 10 days post severe ankle sprain---still p...

ddzwalker 2 months ago by ydiez 411 2
Teen daughter has low iron

My daughter is a 17 year old distance runner. Her time...

jmun5 2 months ago by REATHCON 527 2
Any tips on training while fighting a cold?

Hello my running friends!  Here’s a questio... 2 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 359 1