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Find tips for injury prevention, recovery and support for the sidelined runner.

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Sharp pain in glutes during first ultra run!

I realize the title seems like a reason to say what di...

RuthieLoffi 1 week ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 329 3
Anybody have heel spurs on the back of the heel?

Spurs are pretty common, from what I hear, but on the ...

ron6788 2 weeks ago by runningchef2708 461 6
Post-vacation chronic leg fatigue

I've been fairly consistent in my training for the pas...

bizacat 2 weeks ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 314 3
For anyone interested in a free stretching ebook

Assuming you're using a Kindle...   The Athlete's...

Progman26.2 3 weeks ago by Progman26.2 101 0
Peroneal tendon strain

Has anyone had experience with this injury?  I ra...

Wooshy19 3 weeks ago by ydiez 612 4
Stress reaction - keep running?

Hi all -   I'm new here, and this seems like a g...

krowings 3 weeks ago by bizacat 626 2
knee injury

any advice for dealing with pain behind the knee..prob...

mholdreith 4 weeks ago by lenzlaw 176 1
Bleeding breast

Any ideas on how to better treat this?  I am a ma...

Tom Wylie 1 month ago by Tom Wylie 489 6
Groin pull

I am training for my first full marathon. At the end o...

godschildofsteel 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 262 2
Stretching suggestions for lower back pain??

I am 46 - I started running a few years ago and all of...

djspdx 1 month ago by ron6788 894 6
Toe surgery?

Has anyone had experience with having toe/foot surgery...

Leadville Fan 1 month ago by WDCrunner 286 2
Lateral Ankle Ligament/Peroneal Tendon Reconstruction (and my recovery)

I I have been putting off this surgery for years and ...

bmdobens 1 month ago by bmdobens 569 4
Thoughts?  Daughter's pain while running?

Hello - interested in any brief thoughts / ideas to pu...

MtnTrekker 2 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 549 3
ice baths for recovery

I want to understand how ice baths aid recovery. Also...

kirez 2 months ago by timbrown7573 3,124 15
Do you run with sore muscles?

I did some speed work at the track last night and this...

Apple17 2 months ago by JirinPanthosa 587 6
Mortons Neuroma

I found a lot of good info on message boards while dec...

WDCrunner 3 months ago by Imgellin 1,455 10
bulging disk in the heck can you run with this?

I woke up 2 months ago with this lovely surprise and h...

Brian Yampolsky 4 months ago by BlakeRunner 752 5
Heart Rate

My resting heart rate is about 52, is that to low?

Mkoz1961 4 months ago by lenzlaw 447 2

Any good recommendation on how to treat call ices on t...

jlsd 4 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 458 2
Injury inexperience -- when to consider it healed?

So, I started running about two years ago and I've nev...

JirinPanthosa 4 months ago by JirinPanthosa 1,169 6