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djspdx djspdx Stretching suggestions for lower back pain?? 444 5 1 week ago by
WDCrunner WDCrunner Mortons Neuroma 1,028 10 4 weeks ago by Imgellin
MtnTrekker MtnTrekker Thoughts?  Daughter's pain while running? 192 2 1 month ago by lenzlaw
Brian Yampolsky Brian Yampolsky bulging disk in the heck can you run with this? 443 5 1 month ago by BlakeRunner
Mkoz1961 Mkoz1961 Heart Rate 230 2 1 month ago by lenzlaw
jlsd jlsd Callices 268 2 1 month ago by JamesJohnsonLMT
JirinPanthosa JirinPanthosa Injury inexperience -- when to consider it healed? 864 6 1 month ago by JirinPanthosa
speedorun speedorun LPR (ACID REFLUX) Interested In Your Story 341 2 2 months ago by speedorun
dabracks dabracks Fractured Pelvis/Superior Ramus - What does Recovery feel like? 677 5 2 months ago by BluegrassFiddle
jkstevens21 jkstevens21 ACL Recovery 1,406 3 2 months ago by TheSpartanDAWG
hammer4321 hammer4321 Runner's knee (maybe) 3 weeks before race 2,100 7 3 months ago by lenzlaw
Wooshy19 Wooshy19 Peroneal tendon strain 290 2 3 months ago by Wooshy19
TysonWalt TysonWalt Brisbane Volunteers needed for Shin pain study! 213 0 3 months ago by TysonWalt
krowings krowings Stress reaction - keep running? 309 1 3 months ago by Haselsmasher
miles99999064 miles99999064 Leg Pain behind Knee 6,007 28 4 months ago by lenzlaw
Haselsmasher Haselsmasher PF Exercise 653 4 4 months ago by justamaniac
Wooshy19 Wooshy19 Kicking opposite leg while running 476 3 4 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT
Crazypromoguy Crazypromoguy How can I overcome sore ankles and shins when running? 497 2 4 months ago by OldSteve
JudySankey JudySankey Weight Loss and Running 513 2 4 months ago by justamaniac
pixelmech pixelmech Calf and Foot 512 3 5 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT
bravermanc bravermanc Ball of Foot Pain 335 1 5 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT
FoxPaws FoxPaws Quick question... 498 2 5 months ago by justamaniac
goatman69 goatman69 Odd Blister 798 7 6 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT
ydiez ydiez Need help understanding what happened to my ankle. 1,552 9 6 months ago by ydiez
zeppelin390 zeppelin390 numbing sensation on bottom of foot 600 3 6 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT
crikey crikey Are there any runners out there who have had spinal fusion? 500 1 6 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT
Karamurat Karamurat Bruising on the outer side of right toe. What can be done? 445 2 6 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT
SpartanJD01 SpartanJD01 Vasectomy - How Soon? 358 1 6 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT
jmk71 jmk71 Knee pain only for first 1-2 miles? 549 3 6 months ago by jmk71
WooPigSooie WooPigSooie Need Advice on Performance Decline 516 3 7 months ago by JamesJohnsonLMT