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Subject Author Last Post Views Replies
5K... now what? WebFootFreak 2 months ago by Kelly1066 1,822 7
week 1 day 3 knee pain rae77nj 2 months ago by Italiana6 2,560 5
Staying fit between training for events StevenKirchgasler0 2 months ago by justamaniac 1,327 2
Couch to 5K: Difference between workout vs free run? Italiana6 2 months ago by Chuck1945 4,815 10
Couch to 5k Log.  join in please. Evongelo 2 months ago by Evongelo 1,267 2
C25k Advice Dobegirl 3 months ago by lenzlaw 563 2
How do you pass oblivious runners/walkers without scaring them? Mair_H 3 months ago by Mair_H 920 7
New member / late comeback TJH1020 3 months ago by Lindsay67 2,232 8
new and want to say hi canadamom 3 months ago by justamaniac 1,464 7
Completion is the goal. The question is, in what amount of time? Woodbridge Trotter 3 months ago by Woodbridge Trotter 530 3
Goal and training. 200m/400m Jonass17 3 months ago by Jonass17 381 0
Shin Splits, or normal new muscle pain? Tonboko 3 months ago by modernhamlet 3,662 9
post run exhaustion Timbucktue 3 months ago by Chuck1945 350 1
I feel like I am losing my endurance, not gaining more.  What might be wrong? Evongelo 3 months ago by Evongelo 553 5
breathing? SunnieD 3 months ago by OldSteve 709 4
5/10K runner to (hopefully) half-marathon, but I have no idea what I'm doing Mair_H 3 months ago by Mair_H 11,640 18
New Runner w/ a few questions StephanieAlves0 3 months ago by Greenbelt9 3,369 5
Need help hitting 1.5 mile (2.4) in 11 mins MrTjb 3 months ago by MrTjb 349 0
Increasing endurance -- when you hit a wall JirinPanthosa 3 months ago by JirinPanthosa 290 0
Finally got off my big butt... Started C25k FoxPaws 3 months ago by Kelly1066 6,143 25
1st 10k in 3 weeks - Training advice modernhamlet 3 months ago by modernhamlet 455 4
Running Cadence for beginners Xanthfox 3 months ago by justamaniac 865 3
Best way to increase endurance? Rissiroo 3 months ago by JirinPanthosa 10,087 9
Training for 1st Marathon, pain and pacing questions Fogarr 3 months ago by marathonnancy 9,846 10
Training for 8k from being a non-runner and need advice Amy8241 3 months ago by Amy8241 209 0