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Sports Nutrition for Runners

A heaping portion of discussion about sports nutrition, diet and weight issues directly relating to running. Appropriate for all levels of experience.


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Fueling Up LydiaHemphill 3 months ago by ron6788 922 2
For anyone interested in a free Vegan running eBook Progman26.2 3 months ago by ron6788 442 1
What can i do to avoid hitting the wall during a marathon? minimalist200 10 months ago by Imgellin 5,100 6
Type 2 Diabetic starting walk-run half-marathon program hitting lows mrdavenport 1 year ago by lenzlaw 595 1
Suppliments? RLBlunt8384 1 year ago by freerunner21 1,633 5
Is it okay to use energy drinks the week leading up to a race? JoannaMacCormac 1 year ago by lenzlaw 905 1
What to eat after run? BKAustinred 1 year ago by BOSNPM 1,691 5
Need help figuring out what recovery supplement is best for me Chris1439 1 year ago by BOSNPM 1,491 5
Sport Drink on long runs? lifl2003 1 year ago by Chris1439 2,840 4
Tailbone PollyAnn 1 year ago by PollyAnn 1,397 3
Eating disorders among runners rsteil12 1 year ago by rsteil12 961 0
running first thing in the morning on an empty stomach lauriexxx 1 year ago by aramchek 4,804 8
PALEO ENERGY LEVELS. NYCAhenrietta 1 year ago by aramchek 1,711 3
are you missing anything in terms of food/drinks for runners? Eva88 1 year ago by Eva88 669 0
What/when do you eat before/after your run? (student research) Eva88 1 year ago by Eva88 779 0
Bananas as alternative to gu for long runs? justamaniac 1 year ago by lenzlaw 2,243 6
Looking for advice on avoiding the wall while training for a marathon dbernarducci 2 years ago by Chris1439 1,621 4
Runner who needs to lose weight that I gained! Crista317 2 years ago by Crista317 2,516 7
What to eat before running that is light? gogolegs 2 years ago by Kelly1066 6,700 10
Any runners out there that follow the Atkins principle of nutrition? Bratkay 2 years ago by JustGlori 3,189 3
Running and Hypothyroidism KaelynsMama 2 years ago by KaelynsMama 889 0
Hate to do this, but who agrees? Worst Advice Ever. lokim 2 years ago by JamesJohnsonLMT 2,017 3
Attention Female Half and Full Marathon Runners merrittj1 2 years ago by merrittj1 1,244 0
Nutrition during half marathon training squilky 2 years ago by squilky 1,580 2
Training and want to lose weight Runner grrrl 2 years ago by Runner grrrl 1,591 2
Veggie Powered SheWentForALittleRun 2 years ago by cakvt 2,325 4
Sports drink before on hot day? KitKat80 2 years ago by dizrun 2,328 5
Beginner BDRNewRunner 2 years ago by Jasko123 1,169 1
marathon training long run nutrition question! ESLosey 3 years ago by lifl2003 2,198 4
Weight gain and running ten5sixty 3 years ago by BigSlade 2,342 3