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Way Cool Running

The gathering place for teen runners. (Running-related topics only please).

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xcrunner97 xcrunner97 Middle School Mile Times 11,279 31 6 months ago by Daveduder
jeff19 jeff19 Long runs and "marathon pace" 4,617 15 9 months ago by SvetloproSvet
ALEXWRIGHT009 ALEXWRIGHT009 Army Ten Miler- Slots Available! 610 1 11 months ago by Imgellin
ste_chelle ste_chelle How do I run faster? 4,433 6 11 months ago by Imgellin
50 States HALF Marathon 50 States HALF Marathon Huge Half Marathon Growth for Colorado over Past Year ... 730 0 2 years ago by 50 States HALF Marathon
sparks77 sparks77 Wher is everyone from? 44,018 162 2 years ago by Ninerman72
Karrie322 Karrie322 Over the road truck driver & new to running 926 1 2 years ago by NzAndy
Guest the pact 42,054 285 3 years ago by JEFF CT
RyanHarrison8992 RyanHarrison8992 Can't Run the Color Run in Washington DC on October 21 985 1 3 years ago by TraciDeForest
Running Aficionado Running Aficionado My Best Apps for Running 1,023 0 3 years ago by Running Aficionado
Running Aficionado Running Aficionado Top 10 Questions of Running Beginners Series - How Long Should My First Runs Be? 1,902 2 3 years ago by leonb33
Steit02 Steit02 A NEW; INNOVATIVE Foot Orthotic::VMS-ONE::the new generation 1,159 0 4 years ago by Steit02
dejawuu dejawuu help a guy with MD please 1,418 1 4 years ago by Steit02
jeff19 jeff19 Listen to Music While Running? 28,314 79 4 years ago by JRRunsSlow
Running Aficionado Running Aficionado Running Shoes Clearance Sale 1,603 0 4 years ago by Running Aficionado
SJrunner1 SJrunner1 What is your fastest mile, 800, 1000, 2 mile and 5k? 7,438 9 4 years ago by Arty95
Paul Fallon Paul Fallon Dogs snapping at your heels? 5,318 5 4 years ago by Julie Ann Hackett
jeff19 jeff19 Running Barefoot 16,272 34 4 years ago by Julie Ann Hackett
ionexus ionexus Public Awareness of the risks of Marathon Running Research Study 1,579 1 4 years ago by Julie Ann Hackett
Guest I NEED HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 4,031 8 4 years ago by Willrunforwhiksey
TheRedDot TheRedDot The Survival Race TX Area 1,494 1 4 years ago by TheRedDot
Guest *Official* 2 Word Story "Running" Thread! 12,044 58 5 years ago by actmanman
alexanderthegr8042 alexanderthegr8042 Toughest Track Workouts 2,124 20 5 years ago by actmanman
Fitz Dragonn Fitz Dragonn our own 100 mile club 8,033 25 5 years ago by SoFarGone
Cully092 Cully092 lets see how long it takes pt. 5 7,157 16 5 years ago by actmanman
stefanreporter stefanreporter Central Park Night Jogging? 1,946 0 5 years ago by stefanreporter
adabie adabie runners needed for Bourbon Chase 1,828 0 5 years ago by adabie
5k10krunning 5k10krunning Help with 5k and 10k 1,662 0 5 years ago by 5k10krunning
Guest Smoking & Running 3,342 3 5 years ago by Janet689
beajuice beajuice how good can I get at the 800m with proper training? 2,745 1 5 years ago by SJrunner1