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Way Cool Running

The gathering place for teen runners. (Running-related topics only please).


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The Survival Race TX Area TheRedDot 5 years ago by TheRedDot 1,981 1
*Official* 2 Word Story "Running" Thread! Guest 5 years ago by actmanman 15,277 58
Toughest Track Workouts alexanderthegr8042 5 years ago by actmanman 4,268 20
our own 100 mile club Fitz Dragonn 10 years ago by SoFarGone 10,384 25
lets see how long it takes pt. 5 Cully092 5 years ago by actmanman 8,181 16
Central Park Night Jogging? stefanreporter 5 years ago by stefanreporter 2,479 0
runners needed for Bourbon Chase adabie 6 years ago by adabie 2,330 0
Help with 5k and 10k 5k10krunning 6 years ago by 5k10krunning 2,043 0
Smoking & Running Guest 6 years ago by Janet689 4,071 3
how good can I get at the 800m with proper training? beajuice 6 years ago by SJrunner1 3,355 1
Does anyone know what Jamie LeGeyt is doing? Allysonroe 6 years ago by Allysonroe 3,096 0
How should I train during the winter? DDX 6 years ago by NH_Runner 6,962 13
got any quotes?? Gidget1704 6 years ago by tatcat99 33,805 107
High School Sophomore Lydiard Training PhilMcChicken 6 years ago by PhilMcChicken 2,216 0
why do football and xc hate each other? Bugmenot043 7 years ago by Nikedude 13,335 29
A one minute trial will take you to the top of the list of health, fitness and sports experts Jack Nirenstein 7 years ago by Jack Nirenstein 2,543 0
Summer/Base Training for Fall 09' Cross Country Aerobic Boy 7 years ago by Aerobic Boy 2,742 0
Novel about High School Cross Country Team Mephamxc 7 years ago by Mephamxc 2,414 0
Junior in High School ~Need some tips Loves2Runn 7 years ago by Loves2Runn 2,307 0
Pre-season training for track. goalaub 7 years ago by spicegeek 2,989 1
Newbie with knee questions kneedy 7 years ago by kneedy 2,458 1
Running with young kids runschoryrun 7 years ago by NurseTonya 15,372 11
Whats up? Johnny North 7 years ago by Active Toby 8,576 19
Footlocker CC Active Toby 7 years ago by Active Toby 2,344 0
yo, i need help on a project toom 7 years ago by toom 1,911 0
My Blog about Kenyan running (I live there/here) DonaldG 7 years ago by nhmommy 2,883 4
improving your kick scrapps1 7 years ago by Johnny North 4,239 7
How quick can you guys run the mile? Post here! Guest 7 years ago by JeffreyAlan 29,529 177
Where's everyone live? Guest 8 years ago by CaseyB14 15,429 72
Is Running worth it? speedrun096 8 years ago by spicegeek 3,234 2