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5K Training

Advice and discussion about technique and training for 5K running races


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help in 5k plan sagar92 1 month ago by godfreydsouza 1,522 3
Running form Xanthfox 2 months ago by Xanthfox 384 0
Realistic goal for 5k min/mile improvement kctkd 3 months ago by lenzlaw 645 1
Help in 5k training plan fmccrea 7 months ago by lenzlaw 752 1
Are there any 5k training programs that take slower runners into account? litwitch 1 year ago by marksjon 6,570 12
How to improve my times/running too often for my level? runnerguy26 1 year ago by tucnguyen 1,123 2
What should a 5k runners strength training look like? eggyyy 2 years ago by lenzlaw 1,316 2
How fast should I be brisk walking and jogging as a beginner? Couch to 5k App ConnersDaddy 2 years ago by Haselsmasher 1,277 2
Heart rate training and 5km times deadparrot 2 years ago by deadparrot 1,434 0
C25K trouble with hills CarleighPeters 3 years ago by lenzlaw 1,291 1
Couch to 5K on a treadmill - not a good idea? RafeDonson 3 years ago by WIguy 3,275 6
Running too much? PatriciaBirley 3 years ago by PatriciaBirley 1,072 0
Sport Psychology Research DrMartinIJones 3 years ago by Jasko123 1,055 1
Predicting 5K time Julia66 3 years ago by lenzlaw 1,734 2
new to HS cross country jasemom 3 years ago by Formerxcrunnernowcoach 1,275 1
Respectable 5k Finish time MartinJ99 3 years ago by Ogr44 24,241 29
Is it possible to shave 3-4 minutes off of my 5k in a month? Sertcelik 3 years ago by crl8686 5,128 6
Does anyone have the "5k in under 24min" training plan? bigdavep74 3 years ago by NuRunnr 7,127 14
'Couch to 5k Training' and mobile app sync. AugustHarrison 4 years ago by AugustHarrison 1,774 2
5K in 3 weeks - lots of rain right now JuliaG76 4 years ago by crl8686 1,916 3
5k video training blog shicks141 4 years ago by shicks141 1,308 0
will strength training help my running? RigoEliteRunner 4 years ago by Jasko123 2,465 2
5k running swazzer 4 years ago by swazzer 1,752 2
5K in a little less than 3 weeks Halfdozmom8 4 years ago by BOSNPM 1,621 1
Help for a distance runner who wants to run a 5k dave5872 4 years ago by lenzlaw 1,980 3
Couch to 5K - Distance or Time? RunFasterLynn 4 years ago by lenzlaw 2,578 1
What comes after you finish the couch to 5k training? breathnexhale 5 years ago by breathnexhale 2,018 1
Training with Bad Allergies.  -- Looking for Help Ghost Reaper 5 years ago by Guy Grim 4,097 7
what to do on the off days... kellirschaefer 5 years ago by BradW44 1,763 2
Advice for a serious high school runner zach1996 5 years ago by BradW44 1,451 1