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Texas Softball

Welcome to the Massachusetts Softball Community at Feel free to ask for tips & advice, post recruiting wanted ads, general discussions and more. Visit our softball activities section for softball leagues, clinics and tournaments near you. Looking to improve your game? Checkout our selection of softball training tips

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Subject Author Last Post Views Replies
12u Southbelt Bandits Tryouts Open Practices 2015-2016 03/04 Players RebeccaJImenez 29 minutes ago by RebeccaJImenez 2,878 5
**Texas Torment 18U Exposure Team looking for a Bracket Catcher**UPDATED TexasTorment 5 days ago by TexasTorment 190 3
**18U Texas Torment Tryouts/Open Practice  9/3(Cancelled due to Weather) and 9/5 "Under New Management**Catcher Needed**UPDATED** TexasTorment 4 weeks ago by TexasTorment 2,520 37
***TEXAS RAVENS*** 14U - LOOKING TO ADD CATCHER!!!! ***UPDATED*** Ravens Softball 2 hours ago by Ravens Softball 525 5
Pitcher and Utility Player Wanted LadyStros_D 2 hours ago by LadyStros_D 215 4
TRIBUTE TO AMERICA - 9/11 -9/13 - **USFA SANCTIONED (team list updated 9/3) TxSmash 2 hours ago by TxSmash 219 1
Lady Stros 03 open practice LadyStros_D 2 hours ago by LadyStros_D 316 6
LOOKING FOR A 12U TEAM OR TEAMS TO SCRIMMAGE 9-13-15 IN ANGLETON Texas Elite 04 2 hours ago by Texas Elite 04 30 0
STRIKE OUT BREAST CANCER TOURNAMENT OCTOBER 16-18 (Filling Fast) Texas Elite 04 3 hours ago by Texas Elite 04 320 4
Tx Aces Jacoby Simms - ***Pitcher Wanted*** Obers 1 day ago by Obers 160 0
12U American Freedom South Open Practice Sunday AF South 0304 4 hours ago by AF South 0304 247 3
Be Elite! Round Robin (Hosted by Texas Elite Mizuno) TXEM18U 4 hours ago by TXEM18U 726 1
Texas Elite Mizuno (18U) Starting Outfielder Needed (Open Practice Tonight) TXEM18U 3 days ago by TXEM18U 2,793 1
Texas Glory Adkins 14u  (Cypress) Rod0417 11 hours ago by Rod0417 198 4
*****American Freedom 12u Pearland****Experienced slapper**** AF 12U 16 hours ago by AF 12U 1,637 1
Texas Strikehunters 4 Game Round Robin,70 Min. Games, Sept. 12... 12u Can Take A Couple More Teams.. See List.. Strikehunters 17 hours ago by Strikehunters 1,763 19
Texas Strikehunters Round Robin September 12th. Need A Couple More In 10u See List Strikehunters 17 hours ago by Strikehunters 97 0
Sugar Land Pride 14u Open Practice 09/08 jamesskaggs 18 hours ago by SLPrideSoftball 98 1
Mc Elite Hatfield 18U Gold Exposure Team Open Practice dvdhatfield 19 hours ago by dvdhatfield 446 5
Texas Strikehunters 4 Game Round Robin 14u,70 Min. Games, Sept. 13th. Almost Full.. See Team List... Strikehunters 19 hours ago by Strikehunters 1,358 14
18u TEXAS RAGE Looking to add players for fall season open practice Sunday rage2015 19 hours ago by rage2015 52,586 334
14u Sugar Land Pride looking for bracket pitcher jamesskaggs 19 hours ago by SLPrideSoftball 228 2
Texas Magic joins American Freedom TexasMagicGold16 21 hours ago by TexasMagicGold16 219 2
American Freedom 18Gold - Sugar Land Percy M 21 hours ago by Percy M 255 1
16u Xtreme Heat (Petty) looking for pitcher and utility player to finalize roster danpetty3 23 hours ago by danpetty3 438 7
18U gold pitcher and outfielder needed TFS GOLD 1 day ago by TFS GOLD 222 2
14U (02) NEED 1 MORE PITCHER, 2 UTILITIES WITH STICKS!!!!! CruisercoachSV 1 day ago by CruisercoachSV 160 1
TX Aces Jacoby Futures (16U) - ***Pitcher Wanted*** Obers 2 weeks ago by Obers 481 0
12u or 10u open Monday night league in Pasadena..Deepwater Girls Softball...Starts 9/7... Deepwatersoftball 1 day ago by Deepwatersoftball 22,293 9