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USA Knocks Off Canada 7-0

Posted by Trish18 on Jul 15, 2007 5:32:00 PM

Despite two appearances yesterday, Finch was able to accomplish what her fellow pitchers had not been able to—namely, pitch the first complete game of the World Cup of Softball. The effort came with six strike outs in six innings of work.

“I tried to be specific with each pitch and make each pitch count,” Finch described. “I felt more comfortable as the game went on.”

Finch3_2Part of the reason for her increased comfort level is the extra time she’s had to work herself into dominant form after giving birth to her first child.

“Last year I didn’t have any time to prepare; I came back right after having Ace,” Finch said. “After you have babies your bones and muscles expand.”

What was the remedy? The same work ethic that drove her success at Arizona. “I spent a long year of hard work in the weight room. Just to have time to let everything get back to normal…a lot of hard work has made a difference,” commented Finch.

Hard work has also made a difference with Crystl Bustos. Teams have continually tried to throw her up and in, but she has responded with timely adjustments.

She launched a two-run home run to centerfield in the bottom of the first, providing all the offense the United States would need. When asked about her at-bat, Bustos explained, “I caught it a little more inside than I wanted it. But I have the strength sometimes to muscle it out.”

If Bustos continues to “muscle it out,” the U.S. should skate to a back-to-back World Cup win and poised for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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