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Questions and discussion about fins, kickboards, paddles, pull buoys, goggles, swim caps, nose plugs and anything else swimming-related.

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Joints pain

  I've been swimming every day now for a month. ...

paulina_sinaga 4 years ago by esterjaxen21 9,298 5
Swimming with a healing wound

I have a wound on the back of my ankle that has been h...

plinko 4 years ago by bonz04 14,788 5
Rotator Cuff

Hey all, I've been experiencing a clicking in my left ...

TriZero43 4 years ago by bonz04 10,656 10
Calf cramps

I'm a triathlete and tend to get some pretty nasty cal...

Pharm252 4 years ago by bonz04 9,475 6
Bloated after long swims

Can someone explain to me why I am bloated after long ...

gadawg0581 4 years ago by bonz04 5,859 8
Huge Headache while swimming

I occasionally get huge headaches when swimming. It do...

HBMichele 4 years ago by bonz04 5,022 5
asthma induced by swimming

has anyone else experience asthma symptoms after swimm...

unmloborx 4 years ago by bonz04 5,564 6
Dry Skin

I have dry skin in the winter anyway, but I swim three...

jshill224 4 years ago by bonz04 5,862 6
Foot Cramps in Pool

Does anyone else ever have horrible foot cramps while ...

MurphyMel 4 years ago by bonz04 25,743 39
masters swimmer with impingment syndrome ?surgery and treatment

I was recently diagnosed with impingement syndrome. I ...

drfish 4 years ago by drfish 1,908 0
Severe leg pain while swimming

I am not sure if anyone has read this thread but I tho...

Swim43 4 years ago by Swim43 2,796 0
Swimmers Ear? How about Swimmers nose?

After swimming I have water that runs out of my nose. ...

ericsson2416 5 years ago by Werts1 5,471 2
Can you pull a muscle there?

I had a great run on the treadmill and was ready to ge...

helen82 9 years ago by helen82 3,530 0
Need a waterproof skin coverup

I'm swimming in a city pool, and have a minor case of ...

Evan_S 9 years ago by feetiesiz 4,003 1
Help on breathing with Asthma

I have taken up swimming on average 40 lengths 4 days ...

traceyww 9 years ago by LouieCat 5,769 7
ear aches....

Hello, I am racing my first tri on august 13th. Latel...

ericbergin 9 years ago by Surrena 3,623 2
Having trouble with breathing!

I'm taking lessons to learn the freestyle stroke, and ...

plinko 10 years ago by zaffinator 3,616 1
cold hands & feet - numb

Does anyone have any tips on how to combat having your...

b_postv 10 years ago by triruth 4,135 1
Dizziness (equilibrium problem) when swimming

I get dizzy swimming, even in open water when the wave...

arequilman 10 years ago by cavegirl 4,696 3
hand pain

I have been experiencing thumb joint pain (both hands)...

yoyobeep 10 years ago by yoyobeep 2,626 0