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Subject Author Last Post Views Replies
Swimming? Sync100 3 years ago by Sync100 1,519 0
Fighting Bad MoJo in The Pool robin623 3 years ago by "SwimbikeruN" 2,773 5
Please recommend pools installer in Foster CA FosterPools 4 years ago by FosterPools 1,645 2
Help Earn A Grant For Your Swim Team ResponsibleSports 4 years ago by ResponsibleSports 1,918 0
I can breath just fine w/ a pull buoy but run out of breath w/o it? Any advise? Gaston1041 4 years ago by nightmare123 11,382 7
UC Irvine Swim Camps question (ages 7-17) JimHen 5 years ago by JimHen 2,550 0
Quality Mp3 player for swimming?? Brook209 5 years ago by professorsparkplug 25,712 22
filling out a swim workout in Active Trainer Robert74530 5 years ago by Robert74530 2,411 0
Suggestions? moviechic3 5 years ago by jayjhorge 6,598 2
Butterfly Swimming Stroke 5 years ago by viojhorge 9,698 1
Total Performance Swim Camps TPSCamps 5 years ago by TPSCamps 3,917 0
Olympic Stroke Clinic, Winchendon MA ClarkSharks 5 years ago by ClarkSharks 3,314 0
Dead Legs Howlyn 5 years ago by Anthony5450 12,489 8
Total Immersion Clinic HenieB 5 years ago by flppr 9,104 7
Fundraisers/ events JakeHCoker 5 years ago by Swim the World 7,705 2
Honest Opinion (Expectations to high)… zebUSCG 6 years ago by washmw 6,878 3
Total Immersion book/DVD Billiken on the Run 6 years ago by YAMO! 23,918 13
Question on freestyle stroke… zebUSCG 6 years ago by GatorCraig 6,944 5
Need some opinions... VSUcoach 6 years ago by VSUcoach 6,640 2
How does one maximize swim speed without running out of breath/freaking out? Emersonius 6 years ago by Terrence Laughlin 17,218 10
New, free, online survey tool for youth swimming & diving! ResponsibleSports 6 years ago by ResponsibleSports 3,474 0
Starting Saturday AM Practices!! $20 6 years ago by 2,636 0
Need good drill plan summergirl13 6 years ago by Thrash1 7,355 6
Water in my ears? Paiges78 6 years ago by SpeedGirl 6,628 5
Downtown Birmingham YMCA New Swim Team Starting--Looking for Swimmers and Wannabees sa131 6 years ago by sa131 2,993 0
Throat Burn Riverside Tri-guy 6 years ago by Arn12345 13,946 11
bad swimmer needs help :) dgator32 6 years ago by CraigMcGray 5,742 4
Drills summergirl13 7 years ago by summergirl13 2,461 0
Lot and lots of GAS!! Guila Muir 7 years ago by mcapozza 5,166 2
Long Stroke HCOX 7 years ago by HCOX 2,986 2