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Newbies (New Swimmers)

New to the pool? Dive in to the discussion and connect with other new swimmers.

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luya luya How to master butterfly stroke 2,230 1 3 years ago by MicheleSwim
Doug87 Doug87 New Swimmer question about where to begin 1,710 1 3 years ago by MicheleSwim
SlowPokeChu SlowPokeChu Why do you like swimming? 5,214 3 3 years ago by austinart2860
PedDoc1 PedDoc1 Swallowing water and air? 3,762 3 4 years ago by luya
Shinman Shinman Advice on learning Flip turns? 6,100 6 5 years ago by waterproofmp3
April W. April W. Good race for Newbies?... 2,975 2 5 years ago by Swim the World
abm0950 abm0950 Olympic Champion Dara Torres in Phoenix, AZ for Meet & Greet 2,795 0 6 years ago by abm0950
SG1524 SG1524 Seeking advice for catching my breath while swimming. 16,953 21 6 years ago by Werts1
SHH4E SHH4E Are there training groups in Sarasota, FL? 1,810 0 6 years ago by SHH4E
SlowPokeChu SlowPokeChu What do you think about? 3,974 6 6 years ago by darrell myrick
@RunRayRun @RunRayRun Adult swimming class 2,523 2 6 years ago by TyKy
SlowPokeChu SlowPokeChu Shoulder Joint Pain? 2,293 1 6 years ago by shlderpainrick
SlowPokeChu SlowPokeChu Current Runner...Wannabe Swimmer...Advice? 4,574 4 6 years ago by one2swim
PedDoc1 PedDoc1 Newbies can post as often as they want, right? 2,851 1 6 years ago by SlowPokeChu
NeverQuit64 NeverQuit64 Floatation Belts 3,809 2 6 years ago by NeverQuit64
NKersten NKersten Tried swimming this morning, out of breath in one length, need advice please 9,665 9 6 years ago by Wittymermaid
virtualswim virtualswim Overcoming Fear Of Water 8,948 13 6 years ago by
PedDoc1 PedDoc1 Newbie!!  Help, pretty please... I asked nicely... 3,060 3 6 years ago by
Jitka27 Jitka27 body rotation during freestyle 5,189 6 6 years ago by
m20kflyer m20kflyer Anyone else have bad sinus congestion after swimming? 8,927 4 6 years ago by lilienkamp
PedDoc1 PedDoc1 This is a very quiet group! 2,503 1 6 years ago by TyKy
PedDoc1 PedDoc1 So how long before I don't feel like I'm drowning!? 3,470 3 6 years ago by scottuf
rakebackpro rakebackpro Relearning to swim 2,982 4 6 years ago by Barracuda88
oreotragus oreotragus Warmups 3,902 4 6 years ago by Barracuda88
ccgal ccgal What drills?? 2,951 3 6 years ago by airbear009
jdbFL jdbFL Advice for recreational swimmer 3,499 5 6 years ago by airbear009
wojo224 wojo224 trouble staying level in the water 3,147 6 6 years ago by airbear009
AniruddhaBarapatre AniruddhaBarapatre Newbie swimmer 2,328 1 6 years ago by Coleppard
Active Toby Can't swim?, read this. 2,592 2 7 years ago by Active Toby
RunJBike RunJBike Breathing Tips/Tricks? 4,207 1 7 years ago by swym_r2002