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Newbies (New Swimmers)

New to the pool? Dive in to the discussion and connect with other new swimmers.


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Subject Author Last Post Views Replies
This is a very quiet group! PedDoc1 6 years ago by TyKy 2,503 1
So how long before I don't feel like I'm drowning!? PedDoc1 6 years ago by scottuf 3,470 3
Relearning to swim rakebackpro 6 years ago by Barracuda88 2,982 4
Warmups oreotragus 6 years ago by Barracuda88 3,902 4
What drills?? ccgal 6 years ago by airbear009 2,951 3
Advice for recreational swimmer jdbFL 6 years ago by airbear009 3,498 5
trouble staying level in the water wojo224 6 years ago by airbear009 3,147 6
Newbie swimmer AniruddhaBarapatre 6 years ago by Coleppard 2,327 1
Can't swim?, read this. Active Toby 7 years ago by Active Toby 2,592 2
Breathing Tips/Tricks? RunJBike 7 years ago by swym_r2002 4,207 1
New to open water swimming benditlikebunker 7 years ago by Munatones 5,241 3
Please guide me to info on starting to swim I am in control 7 years ago by ManintheArena 1,996 1
4x100 s/k/str/s (Swim/kick/stroke/swim) Angelo_P 7 years ago by JimFive 2,003 1
Goggle Problems tattedtriathlete 8 years ago by tattedtriathlete 2,244 0
6-8 X 50 ??  Help the newbe please. damianc1 9 years ago by damianc1 2,236 2
Freestyle too tiring sparkytri 10 years ago by SBRDave 12,508 41
new swimmer-any beginer training ideas? Erich2082 10 years ago by zaffinator 2,118 2
missing swim workouts nedblack 10 years ago by zaffinator 1,934 2
kickboards nedblack 10 years ago by HodsonSa 2,539 5
Underwater swimming nodeger 10 years ago by ncaj77 3,204 1
Kicking problems Grizdog 10 years ago by Bonnie Spivey 4,192 10
Brand New to swimming utah5654 11 years ago by utah5654 2,194 6