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Training and Training Partners

Connect with others swimmers to discuss training for swimming.


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Subject Author Last Post Views Replies
Counting Laps Laefe 4 years ago by LADixon 2,051 2
Looking for a trainer to prepare me for college swimming Nanners23 4 years ago by Nanners23 1,422 0
Looking for some feedback from some experienced open water swimmers... jrbenton 4 years ago by jrbenton 3,971 8
Help needed! How to correct and improve the breaststroke for a young swimmer? FlashthroughWater 5 years ago by khewitt816 2,777 1
Looking for open water training partners KristinaLynn 5 years ago by gainsun 2,441 1
Increase swim speed sdsumarisa 5 years ago by Moriates 3,025 3
Sacramento swim on weekends, early mornings? moah_04 5 years ago by moah_04 2,035 0
Dryland for swimteam DustinBachand1 6 years ago by KurtinSC 2,261 1
Yardage vs. technique VSUcoach 6 years ago by VSUcoach 3,326 0
Swim Smooth Training/DVD bad1129 6 years ago by bad1129 2,233 0
Advice please for 8067metre swim katherine8067 6 years ago by Gerry Oakes 2,629 1
Where To Train? KIKat 6 years ago by jneptune 2,631 3
Looking for good advice for 1 mile open swim coming up 7 years ago by Gerry Oakes 2,989 1
Renting a wetsuit MelissaChorley 7 years ago by House Bunny 10,786 4
Learning to swim: Floating pgiguer 7 years ago by NNELGHTIMS 4,498 5
Relay swim tips Active Toby 7 years ago by browntothebone 5,746 3
Looking for a good swiming book strangerthanfitness 7 years ago by strangerthanfitness 2,654 0
Swim Drills avbiro 8 years ago by Lagnar 4,466 3
Beginning Swimmer - Training/coach question sishwar 8 years ago by Lagnar 3,489 1
looking for training partner Hyde Park Chicago CCybele 8 years ago by CCybele 2,909 2
Im looking for a training partner or group in Rhode Island or MA chrismharvey1 8 years ago by Mattee 3,063 1
Tips on Swimming Flip-Turns saraallent 8 years ago by TK1980 5,123 2
Swim Training Excercise saraallent 8 years ago by saraallent 6,159 0
Oahu - Hawaii Ala Moana Park - anyone looking for intermediate swimming partner? vickirieger 8 years ago by vickirieger 3,102 0
Swim tips Trish18 8 years ago by culinarydoctor 7,415 6
Question From a New Coach Coach Norie 8 years ago by Coach Norie 3,323 0
0 to 1650 in 6 weeks plinko 9 years ago by jetgirl2 5,409 1
Training for alcatraz swim DJDocNu 9 years ago by hewalrod 4,625 3
Dallas-area open water swims? mgb9107 9 years ago by mgb9107 2,412 0
Who's Counting? trigrl73 9 years ago by conbug 5,238 11