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Newbies (New Triathletes)

Are you a new triathlete? No question is too basic here so ask away and share your experiences with others who are getting started in the exciting sport of triathlon.


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Subject Author Last Post Views Replies
New to this.. buscemic 2 months ago by Julie Ann Hackett 334 3
Goal: Olympic Tri in 1 year nancybird1018 2 months ago by neoduke 3,163 11
First triathlon help Vic Nicholls 5 months ago by Julie Ann Hackett 1,603 1
First Time Triathelete, Injury Recovery? JBeck766 1 year ago by IronMakeover 3,468 4
I Have A Triathlon Training Journal I'm Giving Away. MyTriathlonTrainer 1 year ago by MyTriathlonTrainer 3,134 0
35 yr old SAHM attempts triathlon...  can it be done? millie komisarz 1 year ago by Bama Bacon 5,926 5
Dumb (?) Question from a first-timer jviers77 1 year ago by jviers77 7,595 6
Help Anyone. DarrenKnopic 1 year ago by ACKMANN 8,418 9
Any other slow, overweight newbie triathletes? Jasmine1972 1 year ago by runningangelinvt 112,015 485
Thinking About Trying This Thing BlackHillsMom 1 year ago by BlackHillsMom 8,392 23
More lots of newbie questions darlyngirl 1 year ago by rhonda rhonda 2,279 2
New to TRIATHLONS-lots of questions! Denise Carfora 2 years ago by Dreamstate 4,164 8
Training buddy in Chicago? Jaime424 2 years ago by Jaime424 1,171 0
How many is too many? Jilly2266 2 years ago by mvalenti 1,946 3
The Silly Tired of Early a.m. Workouts! IronMakeover 2 years ago by IronMakeover 1,537 2
Finally got my first road bike! Niftygirl16 2 years ago by Niftygirl16 2,629 8
Need a good beginner partner to start training with Angel_32092 2 years ago by Angel_32092 601 0
so many questions ZacMorris65 2 years ago by BT.ROB 1,694 5
Looking for a club in SD,to train for triathlon Moscowgirl 2 years ago by 1,027 2
How many triathlons can you do in a year? tporep 2 years ago by DannyMon 4,311 9
mini-workout: pizza + pilates IronMakeover 2 years ago by BT.ROB 1,768 1
i did it!!!  i finished!! violets-are-purple 2 years ago by Mikala_SF 6,143 12
Slow triathletes - Training for 2011 Jasmine1972 2 years ago by Mikala_SF 74,221 414
How do you save events in "My Active"? HBMichele 2 years ago by LosingAmy 7,581 11
When should I stop training for my first tri? MattCieri9255 2 years ago by Baylor Barbee 4,848 6
Frustrated with my running az_guard 2 years ago by FatBaby24 6,506 8
Multiple events in consecutive days... crazy? KurtinSC 2 years ago by Terry Stephens 1,665 2
Never Run a Triathlon, Doing an Full Ironman in Sept FatBaby24 2 years ago by IronMakeover 3,609 9
Newbie attire for first triathlon? sw1353 2 years ago by EllenMarieOlenska 4,228 5
Finding a beginner tri plan- already a swimmer and runner stanton816 2 years ago by Julie Ann Hackett 919 2