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General Triathlon Training Discussion

Welcome to General Triathlon Event Discussions. Post you triathlon training-related discussions or questions here.

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Gregg_Horwitz Gregg_Horwitz Overtrained?  Not quite sure. 972 2 1 year ago by pacificfit
CarrieJesseCoaching CarrieJesseCoaching Training for a Tri? My Tri Swim Coach will help you master the Swim! New for the iPhone. 289 0 1 year ago by CarrieJesseCoaching
chantalTTH chantalTTH If you want a great training escape this winter check out Tri Training Harder! 526 0 1 year ago by chantalTTH
J_McInturf J_McInturf Breathing problems 723 1 2 years ago by Moriates
AmberRuns13 AmberRuns13 First Tri and 2nd Marathon 840 1 2 years ago by Moriates
DaytonFlyers DaytonFlyers Cycling Speed 3,379 6 2 years ago by Moriates
Eclipseman13 Eclipseman13 January 2012 Kona Hawaii Triathlon Camp 10,821 3 2 years ago by fanye
Rpales Rpales Training for 1/2 Marathon & Sprint Tri (Same Month) 643 1 2 years ago by mjm 62
Rpales Rpales NYC Open Water Swimming? 544 0 2 years ago by Rpales
Stimps Stimps Looking for somewhere to swim train near Katy 712 0 3 years ago by Stimps
doman0509 doman0509 Military Triathletes - How do you do it? OR ANYONE WITH EXTENDED BREAKS!? 1,115 2 3 years ago by doman0509
Kim48 Kim48 H20tri 1,373 3 3 years ago by IronMakeover
lgarcia3 lgarcia3 Training after surgery... 1,327 3 3 years ago by Iron Dawg
bboggz bboggz Question(s) about training for the paddle portion of a triathalon 933 1 3 years ago by Joe_h1
mrsmove'n mrsmove'n Does anyone have any swimming groups and/or locations for early morning conditioning? 726 0 4 years ago by mrsmove'n
stevepiv stevepiv From Sprint to Olympic – my lessons learned 2,536 6 4 years ago by sandoze
MoeDeCloe MoeDeCloe I am looking for a simple to follow Sprint Tri training schedule.  This will be my first time ever Sprint.  My event takes place on Aug. 12, 1020, Mpls, MN.  Thanks 1,303 2 4 years ago by IronMakeover
gwyn523 gwyn523 Sprint tri 1 week before Olympic tri? 1,686 2 4 years ago by tom360
hitman786 hitman786 Need Help about Turbo Training! 1,152 1 4 years ago by Joe_h1
mazent mazent Training! 1,765 5 4 years ago by drmiles85
krispi02 krispi02 Periodization Strength Training vs. Circuit Training 1,000 0 4 years ago by krispi02
Saxxmaxx Saxxmaxx Beginner Training Plans 2,288 5 4 years ago by Saxxmaxx
Gottavtr Gottavtr Training while sick 2,835 3 4 years ago by drmiles85
bman007 bman007 Strength Training for the Bike 1,452 2 4 years ago by jasonmellet
Notdead! Notdead! Tri training vs Marathon 1,349 1 4 years ago by DCtoPgh
barnhl barnhl Training for 2nd tri 1,483 4 4 years ago by barnhl
zutzut zutzut Brick during race week? 2,905 4 4 years ago by Carriej23
trod72 trod72 Training two times a day with biking or running? 3,720 4 4 years ago by trod72
ransomweaver ransomweaver iphone/ipod intervals app: beta testers needed 1,116 0 5 years ago by ransomweaver
eljefepaul eljefepaul Motivation...? 1,090 1 5 years ago by Bruce StMt