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Half-Ironman distance Triathlon Training

Discuss training and preparation for 70.3-distance triathlons.


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Is 12 weeks of training between an Olympic tri and a half IM reasonable? davetroy 1 year ago by Soltari 1,293 5
Interesting schedule questions Azules9780 3 years ago by Moriates 858 3
Ironman 70.3 in 2012...? RunTysonRun 3 years ago by WendyMader 6,121 12
Questions on HIM training TrixieTries 3 years ago by Moriates 2,093 10
First Half in 10 weeks? TortisKnotHare 4 years ago by TortisKnotHare 835 0
Can anyone help me... first 1/2 Iron SDmarathoner 4 years ago by KK74 1,903 5
First Half-Ironman asanch3 4 years ago by Joe_h1 1,395 1
Training with a heart rate monitor? physioK 5 years ago by Joe_h1 1,394 1
Questions about a cycling workout head1855 5 years ago by Gale Bernhardt 1,607 3
Weight Training flyfishintriathlete 5 years ago by flyfishintriathlete 1,138 0
Running Speed Workouts - Gale Bernhardt's Half IM Intermediate training plan klauspm 5 years ago by klauspm 2,142 5
Swim Workouts for Half IM Manti 6 years ago by Wes1030m 5,290 3
Training Programs for a Half Ironman Alex Septien 6 years ago by niemsco 3,885 2
How much time is needed to recover from a 70.3? Anthony_All3 6 years ago by ltubound 3,558 4
Planning to participate in IM 70.3 Cancun 2007 BUT... XacAttack 6 years ago by FirstimeTRier 3,469 7
Swimmer Turned Triathlete h20babe628 7 years ago by dmaday 2,267 5
Run training advice needed derfderfer 7 years ago by Joyjoy4all 1,402 1
Biking on a Track Shoooot9 8 years ago by Shoooot9 1,396 0
Heart rate Dr2th13 8 years ago by shornke 1,540 3
half ironman in may, training help capterg 8 years ago by KenMierke 2,803 4
half ironman in may, training help capterg 8 years ago by triruth 1,418 1
Half-Marathon Training Question FrenchiePKT 8 years ago by ahnwhitfield 2,970 2
looking for training partner in the bay area. ahassan 9 years ago by ahassan 1,138 0
training partner and half ironman advice msja0531 9 years ago by cweeks 1,430 1
Half-Ironman Training tridynamo 9 years ago by bryan_homey 2,391 5