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deweyharper deweyharper replied to ChelanCamp is coming May 29th - 31st

"I think this is a best opportunity for me. I am hoping that I will get some nice beginner running tips because I have no idea how to use str"

in Announcements & Classifieds 1 replies
1 month ago
JohnnyDawson10 JohnnyDawson10 replied to What is the consensus on recovery drinks?

"I use Biosteel supplments which i like  alot more than any other recovery drink on the market because its supposed to be organic and not jus"

in General Discussion 19 replies
1 month ago
turbosnail turbosnail started the thread ChelanCamp is coming May 29th - 31st

"The 9th annual ChelanCamp is coming up! This is a supported triathlon camp for beginners to advanced triathletes and runner"

in Announcements & Classifieds 0 bookmarks
2 months ago
Chris1439 Chris1439 replied to Feeling crappy during recovery weeks

"What exactly have you tracked for your diet?  Have you tracked levels of particular nutrients in the blood stream?  May be biased here, but"

in Triathlon 1 replies
2 months ago
some_guy some_guy started the thread Holiday Morning After Workouts - Exactly Why Are They So Hard?

"Having felt far more than the normal amount of discomfort during several workouts the next day after making rather merry, as Bob Cratchit wo"

in Triathlon 0 bookmarks
2 months ago
Maggie500 Maggie500 asked Feeling crappy during recovery weeks

"I've been doing tris of various distances for decades.  The past few years, I've trained mostly at half IM distance.  I'm now doing base tra"

in Triathlon 0 bookmarks
4 months ago
Maggie500 Maggie500 replied to Overtrained?  Not quite sure.

"The symptoms you describe do not line up with my overtraining experience, but everyone is different.  When I'm overtrained, I just feel syst"

in General Triathlon Training Discussion 4 replies
4 months ago
EnduroPacksEnduroPacks EnduroPacksEnduroPacks replied to Overtrained?  Not quite sure.

"We have heard similar comments from athletes who were feeling tired and lethargic from workouts while building for a race.  Julie Ann mentio"

in General Triathlon Training Discussion 4 replies
4 months ago




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