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PeraPeric PeraPeric are these for real? shoes that let you feel like you walk on the moon haha? 526 0 6 months ago by PeraPeric
twins77 twins77 Four days marches netherlands 2015 1,001 0 1 year ago by twins77
azknight azknight New to walking - what shoes do I need? 984 0 1 year ago by azknight
Charles County Recreation Charles County Recreation 2nd Annual Charles County,Maryland 5K Walk/Run 1,107 0 2 years ago by Charles County Recreation
Pegz63 Pegz63 350 lbs vs. Mackinac Bridge in 2 yrs.  Can it be done? 23,843 32 3 years ago by Ogr44
robot6494 robot6494 FAQs - Canon XF Plugin for Final Cut Pro (FCP 6/7 and FCP X) 4,019 3 3 years ago by chris198810
robot6494 robot6494 best settings to watch 1080p movies via the iPad 3 2,259 2 3 years ago by wolf520df
lcunningham8332 lcunningham8332 Any 200+lb  walkers out there? 52,855 106 4 years ago by LadyGreyDoom
Stepper1 Stepper1 Palm Beach Steppers are you ready???? 9,659 15 4 years ago by Doyzie
gop12ind gop12ind Decorticator 2,425 0 4 years ago by gop12ind
pamcathey pamcathey Carter's Walk for CURED 2,527 0 4 years ago by pamcathey
Stones world Stones world Walking for a cause 3,140 0 4 years ago by Stones world
missdeal missdeal Looking for Walkers in my area 3,254 0 4 years ago by missdeal
susan-n-the black dog susan-n-the black dog So do walkers just not talk to each other? 133,839 590 4 years ago by Lorieann18031
Steve Bralla Steve Bralla Breast Cancer 2,967 0 4 years ago by Steve Bralla
Santa Barbara MDA Santa Barbara MDA 2012 MDA Central Coast Muscle Walk- Jan 28, 2012 3,312 0 4 years ago by Santa Barbara MDA
SDMDA SDMDA 2012 San Diego Muscle Walk  2/26/12 8:30 AM 3,064 0 4 years ago by SDMDA
Gatorgurl1969 Gatorgurl1969 5K Walk, Roll or Run in Largo, FL 3,387 1 4 years ago by VietnamRoyalTourism
Plgrove Plgrove How soon is too soon for another half-marathon? 7,188 4 4 years ago by tanzicakes
Tevwill98 Tevwill98 Recovery Time 5,298 2 4 years ago by Tevwill98
WNDWKR WNDWKR Sponsorship? 2,100 0 4 years ago by WNDWKR
Steve Bralla Steve Bralla Running and Drinking in Science Daily 3,303 1 4 years ago by susan-n-the black dog
SJSUDRH SJSUDRH How long? 4,202 4 4 years ago by susan-n-the black dog
mbkmaino mbkmaino Walk Now for Autism Speaks at Richmond International Raceway ~ October 1st! 1,832 0 4 years ago by mbkmaino
TizzyO'Grady TizzyO'Grady In Defense of the Marathon Walker 57,709 140 4 years ago by Mtaurus575
Steve Bralla Steve Bralla Log Your Miles to Fight Breast Cancer 1,561 0 4 years ago by Steve Bralla
shanrocks666 shanrocks666 7 Benefits Of Walking Towards Weight Loss 1,870 0 4 years ago by shanrocks666
SirenSongWoman SirenSongWoman Walking (vs. other methods) for Slimming Calves? 1,873 1 5 years ago by susan-n-the black dog
Steve Bralla Steve Bralla Highest and Worst 1,800 1 5 years ago by cdncath
SonjaGail SonjaGail Walkers, walkers come I can't find U? 2,133 1 5 years ago by Jonjon