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Jonjon Jonjon Looking for a walking partner? 2,019 1 4 years ago by hen5522
SMILECAT SMILECAT Wonder WALKER 6:30PM 1,386 0 4 years ago by SMILECAT
lindywalk lindywalk Anyone starting to walk in Oakland Hills area? Saturday AM would be great 1,621 1 5 years ago by deniseromero23
Tehachapiwalker Tehachapiwalker Lets start a walking/running team in Tehachapi CA 2,004 2 5 years ago by MSgherzi
DavidMcCabe DavidMcCabe Questions on 5K Training 1,400 0 5 years ago by DavidMcCabe
Katrenia Katrenia Do we have any walkers in Yucca Valley, CA? 2,796 3 5 years ago by blueskiesjoshuatree
mrsferrero mrsferrero Looking for a Virtual Team in the Nevada City, Grass Valley, Auburn CA areas! 1,901 1 6 years ago by NorCalKitten
Heathcliff2903 Heathcliff2903 Anybody in the San Jose, Campbell area? 6,887 13 6 years ago by det39hpy
ohelene ohelene Looking to start a team for Lake Merrit in Oakland, California?   Yes! 8,969 21 6 years ago by Team Challenge
LoriinMontclair LoriinMontclair Any one want to walk trails in Oakland Hills? 3,523 2 6 years ago by Team Challenge
lindadefoe lindadefoe Everywhere between San Francisco and San Mateo 2,456 3 6 years ago by Team Challenge
Ingrid Miller Ingrid Miller Irvine Team Leader forming walk n' talk similar to walk-it challenge. Join us! 1,897 0 6 years ago by Ingrid Miller
pumpkinhead77 pumpkinhead77 Chico, CA Walking Team? 2,295 2 6 years ago by rachaelannetaylor
TrAiL GoDdEsS TrAiL GoDdEsS Join my walking group in Irvine to train for a 5K and get free stuff! 1,552 0 7 years ago by TrAiL GoDdEsS
Tffnyv Tffnyv Modesto, CA Interested in Forming a Team? 13,717 47 7 years ago by Tffnyv
susan-n-the black dog susan-n-the black dog Reedley, Dinuba, Sanger?? 2,160 0 7 years ago by susan-n-the black dog
DameEdithDivine DameEdithDivine Indoor Trainers 1,987 0 7 years ago by DameEdithDivine
Stepha417 Stepha417 Virtual walking team 12,479 38 7 years ago by Debra Valdes
wwrose wwrose Join the WWROSE Team! 6,650 17 7 years ago by wwrose
ClaraE ClaraE a5K walk 4,528 8 7 years ago by Joni45918
Dor23 Dor23 Start or Join Walking Team in SDSU/Lake Murray Area 4,434 11 7 years ago by adokken
njcaligirl njcaligirl Walking group in Carlsbad, CA area 4,839 12 7 years ago by njcaligirl
CathyWW CathyWW San Diego Cruisin' For Our Losin' July 4th Coronado 4,586 10 7 years ago by CathyWW
CathyWW CathyWW San Diego Cruisin' For Our Losin' Balboa Park 8Mile/3Mile 3,641 6 7 years ago by GloriousGayle
Ingrid Miller Ingrid Miller OC Trainer Adding to Team that meets in Irvine 2,713 4 7 years ago by Ingrid Miller
karen37351 karen37351 are there any walking groups in san 1,898 1 7 years ago by LauraKT
TheAmazingButterflies TheAmazingButterflies Amazing Butterfly Citrus Heights California 2,148 2 7 years ago by TheAmazingButterflies
Jennebrooke Jennebrooke Walking group in Inland Empire 3,749 5 7 years ago by trixiesirisheyes
reeseecup09 reeseecup09 Rancho Cucamonga, ca 4,517 7 7 years ago by KTmomto3
AyrFer AyrFer Anyone in Chino/Ontario CA area?? 1,367 0 7 years ago by AyrFer