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DaNine45332 DaNine45332 Indianapolis, IN....who's walking? 7,377 13 4 years ago by Aleathia
Navywife Navywife WALKERS OF ANDERSON INDIANA 1,587 0 7 years ago by Navywife
VWelch VWelch Fort Wayne, IN walkers, where are you? 3,447 10 7 years ago by bcwhite
Pamela77287 Pamela77287 Tuesday AM Walkers 1,346 0 7 years ago by Pamela77287
wwrenee wwrenee Kokomo team 1,669 1 7 years ago by DrkLegion777
niebling niebling New Team 2,205 6 7 years ago by niebling
judgen judgen Walkers 1,653 1 7 years ago by MissVStiles
mediocremomma mediocremomma looking for existing team or start team/buddy in NW Indy (Fishers/Geist) area 1,606 2 7 years ago by kzhwang
boilergirl boilergirl looking for walkers in Bloomington IN? 2,715 5 7 years ago by Kim76940
ghyden ghyden North Manchester, IN WW people...let's get walking! 1,375 0 7 years ago by ghyden
absmama absmama Bedford & Mitchell walkers 1,681 1 7 years ago by cecilia123
Dizzypeach Dizzypeach Let's start a group in Lafayette/West Lafayette, IN 5,583 25 7 years ago by wvaledictorian
Janie1280 Janie1280 Any Walking groups in South Bend, In? 2,234 1 7 years ago by imacbeth
proudarmysis proudarmysis South Bend, IN teams- starting 4/19 2,164 1 7 years ago by imacbeth
Kimgun Kimgun New "Granger Gazelles" walking group starting this Wednesday @ 8am!!! 1,508 0 7 years ago by Kimgun
gottohavefaith gottohavefaith Where are the walkers from the Stop 11 WW? 1,320 0 7 years ago by gottohavefaith
Emma61614 Emma61614 Walking in Portage,IN or surounding areas 1,840 3 7 years ago by Donna228
Marian36062 Marian36062 Highland, IN; The Excuses walk after the 6:30am Saturday meeting in Wicker park 1,732 0 7 years ago by Marian36062
MaryCordle MaryCordle Need Walkers Near Middletown, Indiana 2,082 3 7 years ago by Navywife
DebbieJarrell DebbieJarrell Ready to start new group in Charlestown/Jeffersonville, IN area. Sign up and be on my team. 2,162 2 7 years ago by christie2009
danddsmom danddsmom Any walkers in South Bend area ready to get fit?  Trying to get a group together to support each other and become friends!! 1,667 0 7 years ago by danddsmom
Barb Conradt Barb Conradt Wawasee Walkers looking for new members in Syracuse, Ind 1,894 0 7 years ago by Barb Conradt
nusjones nusjones New Albany Indiana looking for a 5K 2,635 3 7 years ago by Keri31760
Margie93989 Margie93989 Walkers in Elkhart, IN 1,348 0 7 years ago by Margie93989
Moskal Moskal Carmel, IN WW Walk-IT Challenge need walking buddy 2,154 2 7 years ago by moransc
wwrenee wwrenee Team Kokomo 1,477 0 7 years ago by wwrenee
wwrenee wwrenee Team Kokomo 1,790 2 7 years ago by wwrenee
aojohnson aojohnson Alberta's Atoms in Mishawaka and South Bend IN 1,965 4 7 years ago by aojohnson
RAMONAPUSKAR RAMONAPUSKAR getting ready for 5k walk 1,329 0 7 years ago by RAMONAPUSKAR
Chriscc Chriscc Becky's 8:30 Bunch 1,434 0 7 years ago by Chriscc