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1Step2Start 1Step2Start Want to Walk? Des Moines, Iowa 1,753 2 6 years ago by RogerDWaggoner
krenfrow krenfrow Are there any Johnston IA Walkers? 1,242 0 6 years ago by krenfrow
CandiceNoelle CandiceNoelle Des Moines, IA ......ANYWHERE within the DSM area would be great! 1,838 2 6 years ago by mck5boyzz
jencalabro jencalabro Ankeny Iowa 3,660 9 6 years ago by wannadrop80
Marilyn78729 Marilyn78729 5 k walk Chariton area???? 1,120 0 6 years ago by Marilyn78729
divamom4 divamom4 New team formed in QC area. 1,948 2 6 years ago by mater9803
CandiceNoelle CandiceNoelle Beaverdale area of Des Moines....ANYONE??? 1,692 1 6 years ago by Sakowitz
pharmfrog pharmfrog Sioux City , Ia 1,504 1 6 years ago by marya79
ISUlovely ISUlovely I am also looking for a walking team in Ames 1,299 0 6 years ago by ISUlovely
GSJoey GSJoey Would like to be part of a team in Ames, Iowa 2,316 4 6 years ago by ISUlovely
nkconner nkconner Looking for a Mason City/Clear Lake team 1,184 0 6 years ago by nkconner
SharonDunfee SharonDunfee Looking for Creston Cruisers 1,601 2 6 years ago by TwylaGreenfieldIA
Linda80610 Linda80610 Carroll WW 5K June 27, 2009 1:00 p.m. 1,519 0 6 years ago by Linda80610
laurie_otowngogetters laurie_otowngogetters Getting O Town Go Getters Registered 1,341 0 6 years ago by laurie_otowngogetters
PeggySuper PeggySuper Altoona Iowa Walkers Wanted 2,052 3 6 years ago by peacebwy
Salg2008 Salg2008 Run, Rock & Stroll in Des Moines, Iowa 2,231 2 6 years ago by peacebwy
NLwalker NLwalker North Liberty??? 1,839 3 6 years ago by jfloss
ellismama ellismama People Walking in Iowa? 2,975 9 6 years ago by Nanaof3
DIANE10719 DIANE10719 Walking in Osceola, IA 2,770 7 6 years ago by laurie_otowngogetters
Grannywheezie Grannywheezie WHERE ARE ALL THE IOWA PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WALK??? 1,928 3 6 years ago by dogmomma
CRMichelleSat630am CRMichelleSat630am Michelle's AM looking to create a team in CR IA 2,096 4 6 years ago by justd0it2
laurie_otowngogetters laurie_otowngogetters O Town Go Getters 1,629 0 7 years ago by laurie_otowngogetters
amac51 amac51 Walker's in Keo 1,372 0 7 years ago by amac51
grannybrd grannybrd Wacky Walkers 1,584 0 7 years ago by grannybrd
SFranzen SFranzen Des Moines/Ankeny, Iowa Team 2,449 7 7 years ago by SFranzen
size8doris size8doris DES MOINES, Iowa! 2,396 4 7 years ago by KerryWaughtal
thinforlife thinforlife CLINTON IA STREET WALKERS, GUT BUSTERS, RIVER WALKERS NEED TO FORM A TEAM 1,476 1 7 years ago by janet67
JNewq JNewq Walking in Norwalk 1,316 0 7 years ago by JNewq
manningmom manningmom Western Iowa Walkers? 2,017 6 7 years ago by manningmom
URwalking URwalking Walking 1,594 2 7 years ago by ANNEJS