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KSKris KSKris Team in Wichita? 2,517 4 7 years ago by KSKris
KeyboardKaren KeyboardKaren Walking team needed in Independence, KS 1,423 0 7 years ago by KeyboardKaren
susanpoco susanpoco Lets walk in Coffeyville Ks 1,613 2 7 years ago by JeananneEdwards
SPECIALKEL715 SPECIALKEL715 looking for a walking team in Wichita, KS 3,934 16 7 years ago by pahnie
eelyk eelyk Lets walk Lawrence ks 1,499 1 7 years ago by redpoppies
mellieinkc mellieinkc Do you want to help me start a walking group in the Overland Park, KS area?  Come on people!!! 5,427 20 7 years ago by Amy's Club
NewSteph09 NewSteph09 Want to find ppl in WICHITA KS to have a team for WW challenge 5,903 21 7 years ago by Walker0318
dawnlk dawnlk Looking for walkers in the Derby, KS area 2,723 4 7 years ago by dawnlk
Pollyanne1961 Pollyanne1961 Any Walkers In Hutchinson, KS? 1,385 0 7 years ago by Pollyanne1961
PASanborn PASanborn Walk-It Challenge 2,068 2 7 years ago by kristilucky13
Tami29550 Tami29550 Weigh To Go! Junction City 1,508 0 7 years ago by Tami29550
Daphnie Daphnie Stanley Strutters 1,744 2 7 years ago by Daphnie
mladysweet mladysweet Team Walking Challenge (around Topeka,KS) 1,790 2 7 years ago by mladysweet
porkchop56 porkchop56 walkers 1,417 0 7 years ago by porkchop56
Linda46 Linda46 Anyone in Salina, KS want to start a walking team? 1,390 1 7 years ago by vonda09
losersrus losersrus losersrus 1,463 0 7 years ago by losersrus
Rita25311 Rita25311 Topeka walking group 1,399 0 7 years ago by Rita25311
NurseML NurseML Team in SW Topeka, KS 1,688 1 7 years ago by Rita25311
Mary90451 Mary90451 Hays, KS 1,529 0 7 years ago by Mary90451
hooha007 hooha007 Anyone In the Wichita Kansas area wanting to walk? 1,850 2 7 years ago by tiffyjoy
Kris7 Kris7 Interested in starting a team in Lawrence, Kansas? 1,391 1 7 years ago by Juliekins
plaidgoof plaidgoof interested in walking - evenings in overland park, kansas? 1,304 0 7 years ago by plaidgoof
TanaS TanaS Join our team in Russell, KS 1,353 0 7 years ago by TanaS
hunny koch hunny koch Tulsa challengers 2,544 5 7 years ago by fivekorbust
mellieinkc mellieinkc Help Me Start Walking Group in Overland Park, KS 1,320 0 7 years ago by mellieinkc
Myduck Myduck Any willing walkers in the Lucas, KS area 1,237 0 7 years ago by Myduck
tumbleweed64 tumbleweed64 Weight Watchers Walkers 4,794 6 8 years ago by tumbleweed64