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ldn1026 ldn1026 Walkers wanted in Northern Kentucky 3,673 3 4 years ago by michelza
teacherbecky4528 teacherbecky4528 Walking group in Louisville, KY (Jeffersontown) 2,284 3 7 years ago by 123start
Elizabethwalks Elizabethwalks Team #1 East Louisville KY 1,361 0 7 years ago by Elizabethwalks
RitaMonty RitaMonty Walk with me in Northern Kentucky 2,292 5 7 years ago by KLand55
Gina-RN Gina-RN Just signed up for a 5k run in June. 2,548 6 7 years ago by trevsidbrad
LillieD LillieD Looking for a team in Hopkinsville, KY 1,439 0 7 years ago by LillieD
suebee50 suebee50 Want to walk in Mt. Sterling, KY? or virtual? 4,913 11 7 years ago by suebee50
caragwen caragwen Anyone in the Fort Campbell KY or Clarksville TN area to start a walking team? 1,683 1 7 years ago by jenjen8105
mvcoffman mvcoffman Walking Team for Bluegrass 10,000- Fourth of July, Lexington, KY 3,168 5 7 years ago by AmyWagg
newgranny newgranny Want to join a team in Lexington, Ky? 2,158 3 7 years ago by Talitha42225
gr8daneluvr gr8daneluvr Are we allowed to participate with our (leashed) dogs... 1,590 0 7 years ago by gr8daneluvr
Diana65391 Diana65391 Creating a team for Shively Center - Louisville, KY. 2,981 4 7 years ago by Diana65391
Dphipps2 Dphipps2 Shelbyville, KY - Let's learn to run together 1,604 0 7 years ago by Dphipps2
lifesjourney lifesjourney Elizabethtown KY Walk Challenge 3,498 8 7 years ago by brwnidgurl
thinmom10 thinmom10 Any team started in Florence Ky or Williamstown KY 2,011 3 7 years ago by J54kid
WesternKYWoman WesternKYWoman Todd/Christian County Walkers-Western KY May 16th 1,385 0 7 years ago by WesternKYWoman
J54kid J54kid Any Walkers in Union, Ky 1,554 0 7 years ago by J54kid
mllpc mllpc Is there a team in Bowling Green KY 2,105 3 7 years ago by bhbgky
cvilleLeader cvilleLeader want to walk in Campbellsville, KY? 1,931 2 7 years ago by kycabin
03klm 03klm Walking Team 1,907 3 7 years ago by Bob Horner
Robin64840 Robin64840 Georgetown-WW-Walkers 2,773 7 7 years ago by Gtownnana
Overfifty Overfifty Looking for walkers in Georgetown, KY 1,922 2 7 years ago by Gtownnana
Ladybug2 Ladybug2 Looking for a walking team in Lousville Kentucky  and surronding areas 2,952 6 7 years ago by 123start
Summertime5 Summertime5 Frankfort, KY 1,506 0 7 years ago by Summertime5
RitaFaye RitaFaye Anyone looking for walking team in Lexington, KY 1,636 1 7 years ago by nameoptional
uniformkid uniformkid Lets walk together in Nicholasville 1,446 0 7 years ago by uniformkid
kbarker75 kbarker75 Winchester Kentucky walking group? 1,719 0 7 years ago by kbarker75
gw125 gw125 Walking Group in Hodgenville 1,434 0 7 years ago by gw125
DenaSwim DenaSwim Walking team in Ravenna, KY 2,199 5 7 years ago by la53
trenfro60 trenfro60 Louisville, Ky Walkers 2,431 7 7 years ago by Ri04