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Qwalker Qwalker Quincy - Starting Walking Group -Any Interest 1,223 0 6 years ago by Qwalker
walkingslim walkingslim walking team in Quincy,MA 4,391 8 6 years ago by Qwalker
JacquiK01 JacquiK01 Walking in Andover 1,789 1 6 years ago by mariefnp
JBCmedia JBCmedia Race Directors & Organizers 1,538 0 6 years ago by JBCmedia
scj728 scj728 Revere Beach walking group 1,722 0 7 years ago by scj728
mamatrish mamatrish does anyone want to start a second team in wakefield MA 6,647 22 7 years ago by Dotty Haley
Karen33255 Karen33255 5k at Holyoke Community College? 2,349 4 7 years ago by Karen33255
KJones4 KJones4 Looking for walkers in Norton/Mansfield/Foxboro area 3,824 9 7 years ago by bronzeduck
Kellykrz Kellykrz LOOKING TO START A WALKING CLUB IN MARLBORO, MA 1,755 1 7 years ago by Lisagrafton
Countrygirly Countrygirly Looking to start a walking group in the Taunton Area? 1,336 0 7 years ago by Countrygirly
neatski neatski my sister & I are looking for walking partners in westfield,ma 1,954 2 7 years ago by crescentwalk
DeeMarion DeeMarion Anyone walking in Dracut? 1,242 0 7 years ago by DeeMarion
Bourguignon Bourguignon Western MA & 5-College region - Virtual Team 7,774 33 7 years ago by Bourguignon
websterwalkers websterwalkers Websterwalkers Tuesday 6p.m. 1,305 0 7 years ago by websterwalkers
carol90923 carol90923 info on walking team beach to beach swampscott ,ma I live in Lynn 1,671 1 7 years ago by Deborah611
websterwalkers websterwalkers websterwalkers tuesday 6 p.m. 1,965 3 7 years ago by mustang101
SteveP1 SteveP1 Looking for running club in Acton, Littleton, Westford area 1,917 0 7 years ago by SteveP1
skinnyonsue skinnyonsue SKINNYONSUE-Looking for Wed night Swansea members-walking a 5K July 22 2,207 4 7 years ago by skinnyonsue
Kelpowers Kelpowers Wanting to start morning Worcester, Ma group 2,625 6 7 years ago by ChrisMedic30
janicebige janicebige Looking to join a team in the Worcester, MA area 1,828 2 7 years ago by ChrisMedic30
ChrisMedic30 ChrisMedic30 West Boylston Sat morning WW Team 1,295 0 7 years ago by ChrisMedic30
Suzanne27966 Suzanne27966 Any walkers in West Roxbury, MA? 1,901 2 7 years ago by pidge815
cbsesq cbsesq Walking in Natick 1,396 0 7 years ago by cbsesq
JaGracia JaGracia Looking for walkers in Mansfield, MA 1,676 1 7 years ago by bronzeduck
Ldelgarbino Ldelgarbino Like to start walking team in Worcester at WSC track 1,334 0 7 years ago by Ldelgarbino
Monkeegrrrl Monkeegrrrl Looking for a team in Worcester, MA 2,216 6 7 years ago by Ldelgarbino
mira17570 mira17570 looking for walkers in/around peabody,ma 1,753 2 7 years ago by Rfollis
Joeybob Joeybob WW Walking Team- Braintree MA 2,508 8 7 years ago by Joeybob
stsabrina20 stsabrina20 Walking Buddy in Belmont Massachusetts 3,416 14 7 years ago by stsabrina20
PattyWilky PattyWilky Looking for a group in the Littleton, MA area 4,009 10 7 years ago by sherryberrybim