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Bev7am Bev7am Lincoln, NE 7am Thursday meeting walk group. 1,598 1 7 years ago by TStreich
Debra68977 Debra68977 Lincoln, NE walking team? 1,417 0 7 years ago by Debra68977
atietj atietj NEBRASKA walking team 4,430 17 7 years ago by mkgal
kristi74 kristi74 Need Team Members in Lincoln area 1,264 0 7 years ago by kristi74
bealldat bealldat Verdigre WW 1,298 0 7 years ago by bealldat
KeelyAlyssa KeelyAlyssa Walking/Running Team for NE Nebraska 1,238 0 7 years ago by KeelyAlyssa
lstress lstress Looking for walkers in Omaha, NE 2,665 7 7 years ago by purplebee
DonnaWeinstine DonnaWeinstine Wehrspan Lake (Chalco Rec Area) Walkers 1,525 0 7 years ago by DonnaWeinstine
DonnaWeinstine DonnaWeinstine Evening walking at Wehrspan Lake (Chalco Rec) 1,562 0 7 years ago by DonnaWeinstine
ecriley ecriley walking at Lake Zorinsky 1,702 1 7 years ago by Safari320
BensonHSwalker BensonHSwalker Looking for slow walkers Omaha NE Benson area 1,457 0 7 years ago by BensonHSwalker
cydvicious cydvicious Any walkers in Omaha NE Dundee area 1,809 2 7 years ago by rnk75001
mwallace26 mwallace26 Looking for Walkers in Omaha, NE???? 2,807 8 7 years ago by teacher10
Minden Gal Minden Gal Minden, Ne  Looking for walkers to start a team 1,302 0 7 years ago by Minden Gal
autumnkrsr autumnkrsr Lincoln,Ne.(JoAnne Lambs 12:15)Wednesday Warriors 2,053 2 7 years ago by autumnkrsr
mkubicka mkubicka Hastings, NE Thursday 6pm meeting W3-Weight Watchers Walkers 1,699 0 7 years ago by mkubicka
Shery96 Shery96 Anyone wanting to join a team in Wayne, NE? 1,317 0 7 years ago by Shery96
jennrodriguez jennrodriguez Nebraska - Looking to start a new group in Fremont Nebraska 1,291 0 7 years ago by jennrodriguez
bella1105 bella1105 Any team in Columbus NE? 1,285 0 7 years ago by bella1105
DebeSue DebeSue Walkers in Lincoln NE? 2,045 5 7 years ago by autumnkrsr
Patricia Pecha Patricia Pecha Walking in Kearney,NE 1,252 0 7 years ago by Patricia Pecha
MickMom MickMom Crete-Lincoln, NE Area 1,296 0 7 years ago by MickMom
kimbrown69 kimbrown69 Anyone interested Walking across Nebraska? 1,840 0 7 years ago by kimbrown69
mmrob mmrob lincoln nebr 1,414 1 7 years ago by Sudsol
MillerLyte MillerLyte Wanna walk in Lincoln, NE??? Love to form a team!!! 1,401 1 7 years ago by mmrob