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Janet92986 Janet92986 Anyone want to join/start a Weight Watchers walking group in Kingstowne area of Alexandria? 2,206 2 3 years ago by Carol22315
mtromba mtromba would like to start/join walking group in Burbage Grant area in Suffolk - anyone interested? 1,388 0 6 years ago by mtromba
TinaWMc TinaWMc Join the Clarksville Cruisers in Clarksville, Virginia!!  Sign on here!! 21,635 127 6 years ago by ajc528
Jessica64948 Jessica64948 Healthy Highlanders-SWVA 4,180 8 6 years ago by Jessica64948
CyberSyb CyberSyb TIDEWATER TRACKERS July 4 5K @ Mt. Trashmore 2,319 1 7 years ago by Susan Snead
Rachael22579 Rachael22579 Rachael's Sat. WW Losers Group 2,552 5 7 years ago by sj434
Susan Snead Susan Snead TIDEWATER TRACKERS  Momentum and more 1,972 1 7 years ago by CyberSyb
osteoidstepngo osteoidstepngo WW Walking team in Abingdon, Virginia.  Build the momentum to a 5K on the Creeper Trail! 1,891 1 7 years ago by stephpugh
Laura123458 Laura123458 Woodbridge, VA 5,314 17 7 years ago by SDRich
mrosawood mrosawood Looking for a walking group in Fredericksburg VA 3,283 5 7 years ago by gofer
jacobgm jacobgm Fredericksburg, VA 3,784 9 7 years ago by gofer
Rachel Front Royal Rachel Front Royal Front Royal Walking Team 2,655 3 7 years ago by Lori who used to loathe exercise
Kim98765 Kim98765 "We Want You"!!!  ~Orange Weight Watchers Walking Wonders want you to join us. 3,500 11 7 years ago by Kim98765
SharonDanburg SharonDanburg Wild Walking Women of Woodbridge (Dumfries area) 1,574 0 7 years ago by SharonDanburg
skmandt skmandt starting a walking group in richmond, virginia 11,766 41 7 years ago by Dasheilah62280
Lucia23202 Lucia23202 Walking group in Mechanicsville 1,614 1 7 years ago by Mountainbear4me
Martso Martso walking team in Alexandria, VA? 2,229 5 7 years ago by Martso
DonnaSueBirch DonnaSueBirch Calling all Cowgirls/Chincoteague Island Walking Team 1,305 0 7 years ago by DonnaSueBirch
snap67 snap67 Calling All Motivated People in Midlothian, VA 1,306 0 7 years ago by snap67
Rnovy Rnovy Would love to start/join a team in Blacksburg, VA 4,374 12 7 years ago by Rnovy
Susan Snead Susan Snead Tidewater Trackers   It's A NEW WEEK! Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Hampton, Newport New 1,810 0 7 years ago by Susan Snead
klbrown2222 klbrown2222 Anyone out there live near Colonial Heights, VA?  Would like to join or start a walking team. 2,363 3 7 years ago by Covello
KarenRof5 KarenRof5 Wanted - Walk Group in Midlothian, VA area 4,641 14 7 years ago by KarenRof5
sharmrrs sharmrrs Looking for Walking Partner in Midlothian VA area 1,834 1 7 years ago by snap67
JRTgirl JRTgirl Looking for a team in Weyers Cave, VA area 1,800 1 7 years ago by stoggied
happygrl12 happygrl12 Walking Team in the Staunton, VA area 1,580 1 7 years ago by stoggied
Nancy39761 Nancy39761 preparing to run in Farmville at LU 1,476 0 7 years ago by Nancy39761
Hopenn Hopenn Anyone interested in starting a walking team in Ashburn, VA or surrounding areas? 1,774 1 7 years ago by karagold
LglSec LglSec Anyone want to have a walking group in Hopewell, VA? 2,287 2 7 years ago by LglSec
Pegkd Pegkd Fairlington - Walkers? 1,637 0 7 years ago by Pegkd