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CarlShirley0 CarlShirley0 replied to Running Strollers

"If you're looking for the best jogging stroller or even just the best all around stroller on the market, BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller"

in Active Pregnancy 4 replies
2 weeks ago
KentHoffman KentHoffman started the thread Is It Worth Taking Duromine for Weight Loss?

"Hello to everyone! I have some difficulties with excess weight. At times, I can be pretty slim, but sometimes, I begin to put on fat very fa"

in Health and Nutrition 0 bookmarks
3 weeks ago
ThomasAnders0 ThomasAnders0 replied to Smoking during the pregnancy

"I know the women whos was smoking during the pregnancy. The child is very healthy, and he is now like 11/12. But I think he could has proble"

in Active Pregnancy 2 replies
2 months ago
CarlShirley0 CarlShirley0 replied to Book Reccomendations?

"Back when babies were just daydreams, I recieved "What to Expect When You're Expecting" (3rd ed.) from a pregnant friend who had an extra co"

in Active Pregnancy 2 replies
3 months ago
CarlShirley0 CarlShirley0 replied to BEST FOOD FOR PREGNANCY WOMEN

"I totally agree to this!"

in Active Pregnancy 1 replies
3 months ago
CarlShirley0 CarlShirley0 replied to Smoking during the pregnancy

"Smoking during pregnancy is very risky as well as inhale a second hand smoke."

in Active Pregnancy 2 replies
3 months ago
CarlShirley0 CarlShirley0 replied to How Can I Get Killer Flat Stomach?

"Hello!   I suggest you drink a lot of fluids with lemon zest or lemon itself. It helps the detoxification of your body as well as your stom"

in General Discussion 4 replies
3 months ago

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